Saturday , 22 November 2014

How Semiconductors Impact Technology Global Trade


Semiconductor industry association is working with global leaders to promote fair trade. The initiative is known as the governments/authorities meeting on semiconductors or CAMPS. These leaders, government officials and influences from China, Europe, Japan, Korea and United States, meet to address issues that could affect the global semiconductor market. Their main goal is to promote fair trade and healthy competition ... Read More »

How To Print Onto Canvas Via Mobile Apps


In today’s world, over 800 million pictures are taken annually. We share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and other social networks. However, there is a digital divide when it comes to actually printing out your mobile photos. Many of us, do not print at all. Maybe, that is because we do not care to have thin glossy pictures laying ... Read More »

7 Critically-Important IT Due Diligence Checklist Points

Business man with checkboxes

If you have not already read our post on How Technology Due Diligence Reveals Hidden IT Value, I would recommend reading that post before this one. Without having a sound process in place, the IT due diligence checklist will not be nearly as effective. That being said, having a sound checklist is equally as important. After establishing your goals, breaking ... Read More »

How To Implement Story Telling Software In Your Sales Cycle


Everyday, the barriers to information continue to decrease. Business are making decisions based on increasingly significant information provided by data collection, processing and analysis tools. We even have innovative NoSQL databases that can crunch up to 1 million times more data. So, why are companies not buying your services? Better yet, why are you having trouble closing sales? With all ... Read More »

How Technology Due Diligence Reveals Hidden IT Value


Proper technology due diligence is required for a few situations. You might be involved in the funding or sale of a start up. You may be engaged in a merger or acquisition. Or, you could possibly be improving an existing organization or department. Wherever you are in the industry, IT due diligence can help you discover valuable opportunities. The key ... Read More »

Hosted VoIP Risks That Trigger Tech Nightmares


The way we communicate is always changing. The way we do businesses is changing too. Sometimes companies will make changes to increase revenue, improve value or save costs. Most of the time, hosted VoIP providers are selling their phone communication services based on cost savings. But, in a time when business is doing well, should companies be making the switch? ... Read More »

ValueStory Offers New Sales Tools Technology For B2B Solutions


Closing B2B sales is nothing short of an art. For some it comes naturally, and others, it takes years of work and improvement. However, there is the a great common thread between all great sales people, the ability to articulate a story effectively. When a salesperson tells a story, it should be relevant to the prospect’s business, simple to understand ... Read More »

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