Friday , 27 November 2015

Icon Design Concepts To Unleash Creative Style


Icon designers must be trained to make the most of any icon in a brand. Fortunately, most designers follow a set of icon design concepts to tap into their style and communicate with an audience. For new designers, you might not already have your own list of concepts. However, we have put together a list of concepts and examples that ... Read More »

The Internet: Making A Shrinking World Even Smaller


The internet has made the world a more level playing field across a number of forums, with a virtual platform allowing universal access to the same educational, technological and entertainment options regardless of location. Bringing the outside world into our front rooms, a huge range of fields have taken advantage of these developments – and consumers’ lives are made immeasurably ... Read More »

Huawei Unveils Two Fast-Charging Smartphone Batteries


If there’s one aspect of our mobile lives that still stifles our everyday activity, it’s how long our smartphone battery will last. It’s not uncommon for people to bring their charger with them to the coffee shop or keep a car charger on site for when the juice starts to get low. Although current models of lithium-ion batteries have long ... Read More »

Comments on Freight Technology Growth


Without a question, the entire freight industry is a mystery to many people. For most of us, our goods, products and commodities are shipped all over the world. But, how many of us really stop to think about where that t-shirt, iPad or brand new Lexus came from? Most likely, you didn’t. And why should you? Like most people, you ... Read More »

PicsArt Photo App Picks Art Perfectly


Did you try saying that one five times fast? Try saying, “picks art perfectly” or simply “PicsArt” whichever you prefer and that just might twist your tongue, or thumb! PicsArt is a mobile photo editor and collage maker by a start up company. Can you guess the name? PicsArt! In case you have not yet tried the app, or heard ... Read More »

Kings Park Schools Use Technology Wisely


For youngsters, technology is natural. But, for the students at Kings Park School District in Virginia, minors are getting an education focused on technology accessibility and understanding. Most specifically, the Kings Park Elementary school takes their commitment to students and technology to another level. On their twitter page, anyone can notice how well they are integrating technology not only within ... Read More »

The Pros And Cons of Using RAID


Those familiar with the different methods of data storage will no doubt have heard about the RAID method. RAID stands for ‘Redundant Array of Independent Disks’. As the name indicates, it consists of using an array of disks which are independent from each other in order to store digital data. A simple way to explain RAID is to say that ... Read More »

Top Computer And Networking Services For Fast, Reliable Support


Anyone who uses a computer or network should always try to fix technical problems themselves first. It can be extremely beneficial to do a quick search about your problem on the internet. Almost immediately, there are helpful articles, tutorials and solutions for repairing your computer, network or internet difficulties. However, sometimes the solution is too technical or complex for novice ... Read More »

5 Ways That Unified Communications Is Changing The Workforce


Graphic provided by ShoreTel – Are you looking to improve your business’s workflow efficiency while still maintaining low costs? By implementing unified communications throughout your business, both managers and employees alike can benefit from more flexible work schedules and BYOD arrangements, which have both been shown to increase productivity across the board. While such an investment may seem relatively costly up ... Read More »

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