The Best Phone for LG Fans and Android Fanatics


In one of the most highly commoditized markets, the cell phone market, we’ve been hearing crazy thing about the best cell phone for android users. But, could this be the best phone yet? You’ve seen headlines like the following: the best giant screen the best phone in 2014 the phone to beat And the list goes on and on… LG ... Read More »

Integrate Digital Technology The RIGHT Way


We live in a digital world. No doubt, at some point down the road, will have to distinguish between the real world and an actual digital world. (If you’re having trouble picturing it, see the movie Tron). However, until that time comes, how are digital world is made up of digital technologies to make our lives easier and more productive. ... Read More »

Most Favorite Storage Cloud Apps For Android


Cloud apps are on the rise. Everyone is talking about how the cloud makes everything easy. Last time I checked, clouds meant a rainy day and playing video games. However, nowadays, most people are talking about the digital cloud. Simply put, the cloud is other servers where you can either store, access or edit information. They help businesses and individuals ... Read More »

How Buying A Digital Camera Conquers Phone Markets


When buying a new digital camera, what should you be looking for? Today’s basic cell phones have better cameras than expensive analog cameras 10 years ago. So if you’re getting ready to splurge on a new camera, maybe you should just buy new phone. However, despite all the innovation in digital cameras and cell phones, the newest cameras are still ... Read More »

Why Music Production Apps Attract Aspiring Artists


If you do a search for music production apps in the app store, you’ll find over 30 different options to make music on your phone. Why would anybody want to make music on the phone? Well, for those of us or not T-Pain and have a Digital recording studio in our basement, music making apps are great for aspiring artists ... Read More »

Fire Phone Is NOT The First Phone With 3D


Recently, Amazon released the first 3-D phone in the United States. Oh yes, all phones are 3-D. But, the 3-D phone actually has a screen that displays 3-D images. However, Amazon was not the first company to introduce a 3-D phone. Hint: it wasn’t Apple, Microsoft or Google. While, we are impressed by many features of the Amazon fire phone, ... Read More »

2-Way Radios Comeback In Digital Style


Today we live in a world where everything is digital, or on the verge of being digital. We are surrounded by the latest technology, including games, TVs, cell phones, tablets and more. Heck, we even have digital worlds now. As time goes on, it gets harder to think back to a time of analog technology with VCRs and radios. I ... Read More »

Dropbox Offers 10X Storage Increase To 1000 GB


There’s a lot of competition in the technology sector, specifically within personal storage. First, Dropbox was on the scene, offering users and easy way to store data and sync that data between computers. Then, the competition started to creep in. Other free services like Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive started offering free storage plans too. For the average user, Dropbox ... Read More »

Why Wait For iOS 8’s Next Update (Yes, That Rhymed)

iOS 8 downgrade

After our recent post on making technology your slave, I seems a little contradictory that we would recommend that you wait to upgrade to the latest iPhone operating system, iOS 8. In the last post, we encouraged you to embrace technology and overcome any “technophobia” that may exist because it’s genuinely worth it. Now, we’re telling you to slow down ... Read More »

Helpful Insight To Make Digital Technology Your Slave


Most people are afraid of technology. This feeling comes from a fear of change. Technology is always changing and improving. Although that is good in the long run, it makes most people uncomfortable. ¬†Why does technology makes most people uncomfortable? It’s quite simple really. Most people have not hit the learning curve when it comes to digital technology. Once someone ... Read More »

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