Digital Camera Use #792: Dent Removal?


We all know that hard-working father figure in your life. If you’re not lucky enough to have one, you can quite imagine one. As a local, hard-working, businessman decided to run to a major home improvement store. Twenty minutes later, he came running out with a bag of seeds that he bought only to find that his car had been ... Read More »

How The iPhone Changed This 39-Year-Old Handyman’s Life

iPhone 5C

You never too old to learn a new trick. In fact, most people who think that they can’t learn new things, often don’t. However, those who believe that they can learn new things and progress, often learn way more than most. This 39-year-old was a handyman who spent his whole life working with a hammer. In fact, he actually told ... Read More »

How to Never Miss the Latest TV Shows


We all have those favorite TV shows that we can’t bear to miss, whether it’s a guilty pleasure romantic sit com or a nail biting thriller, you never want to be behind on the action and miss a second of this TV show that you have grown to love. You want to know what happens next to all your favorite ... Read More »

5 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Mac So That It Runs Faster

MacBook Air - open

If you’re a proud Mac owner, we can certainly understand why. When it comes to computers, it’s definitely one that is well-designed, features state-of-the-art technology and being that it’s an Apple product, it’s also an excellent complement to devices like your iPhone or iPad. But if lately, it seems like your Mac is not moving as fast as you would ... Read More »

Causes Of Slow Internet


Slow internet speeds can be extremely frustrating, as anyone who has experienced the problem will testify. Often, when faced with the issue, people are quick to point the finger at their Internet Service Provider (ISP), but in reality, connectivity and performance are impacted by multiple factors. The internet is a complicated technology, which requires numerous other technologies to work in ... Read More »

5 Digital Project Management Tips for Remote Workers


We live in a world where telecommuting is the norm – instead of workers commuting to the office, they can set up shop and work from the comfort of their own living rooms. As a result, not only do companies not need as much overhead, but they can also cull some of the best talent from around the world. Coupled ... Read More »

Landing Page Design Dos and Don’ts for Online Businesses


Your home page is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost is the fact that it is often a visitor’s first interaction with your brand, and therefore your first opportunity to make an impression – and you want it to wow. In addition, however, it generally acts as your landing page, or the place visitors end up when ... Read More »

5 Common On-Site SEO Mistakes to Avoid


SEO is a tough ghost to chase – it seems like the search engines are always changing their algorithms. However, the whole secret to a promising and successful SEO campaign is to not think of the search engines as a ghost, but as a powerful ally in boosting your website’s visibility on the web. Each year, there are new technologies ... Read More »

5 Computer Training and Learning Tips for Beginners


Whether you’ve come to realize that getting a job without some knowledge of computers is practically impossible in this day and age, or you’ve simply decided that you want to better yourself, make your life easier, and gain the many benefits that come from knowing how to use computers and a variety of programs, you might be considering some type ... Read More »

Drivers for Lyft and Uber App Running Into Insurance Issues

Crazy car pools

The advancement of technology is often a wonderful thing. The advent of the internet, for example, provided the world with a whole new way to communicate and share information. Of course, it also posed a few major problems. For one thing, anyone who wanted to could start posting information, the veracity of which was almost impossible to prove. And then ... Read More »

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