Wednesday , 4 May 2016

Citizen Journalists And Their Impact On News-Gathering


Citizen journalism occurs when the public plays an active role in the gathering and reporting news. This could be anything from recording video on an iPhone to sending out a Tweet about something you just witnessed. Citizen journalists have actually broken many news stories before major media outlets. In this post, technology users will discover five citizen journalists and why ... Read More »

Top Technologies Advancing Modern Cancer Research


New technologies are developing daily, each designed with a specific purpose and audience. In medical research, advancing technologies have been designed to detect cancer cells in blood. In this post, you can discover information on these technologies and why they are so important in modern cancer research. Isolation of Breast Cancer Cells One study is getting close to identifying the ... Read More »

Top 4 Apps For Pharmacists In The Industry


Pharmacy companies are constantly coming out with new, innovative ways to provide healthcare to the community. As technology continues to expand, more and more opportunities are coming out to make both the consumer and the pharmacists’ lives easier, starting with apps. Apps, or applications, can be downloaded to your phone or computer and used for everything from reading to music ... Read More »

Steps To Take Before Reformatting Your Computer


Reformatting is the process of completely erasing everything from the hard drive of your computer and then reinstalling the essentials – like your operating system, applications, and personal files. It’s a drastic measure that may just fix your slow computer. Many tech users don’t realize how many viruses, worms and malicious files they are downloading to their computers each day. ... Read More »

Walmart Phones With Straight Talk Pros And Cons


Walmart is known for selling a variety of products at the lowest price. Their phones and electronics are no exception. Walmart phones offer a wide selection from disposable phones for under $10 to the latest iPhone for over $1,000. One of their main specialties are the no-contract phone and plans. Walmart has an exclusive deal with Straight Talk, a no-contract ... Read More »

5 Exciting Google Timeline Map Features To Use


Last year, Google Maps introduced a timeline map. This feature allows users to revisit their travels from any given day. In this post, Internet users can learn five exciting features of Google’s Timeline map and how to utilize them. Private This is not the first time Google has tested a timeline map feature. Google Latitude, Google’s old version of Timeline, ... Read More »

Five Places To Find Prime95 Download Available


Prime95 is software designed to stress test personal computers to ensure stability. The free software was designed by George Woltman to find new mersenne prime numbers. It is frequently used in the overclocking community to determine a stable configuration. As a computer enthusiast, you might want to test out your own system. Here’s the best places to get the Prime95 ... Read More »

Google X Most Exciting And Innovative Projects


Google X, now referred to as X, is Google’s semi-secret facility in California. The research and development company aims to, according to the website, “invent and launch ‘moonshot’ technologies that we hope could someday make the world a radically better place.” In this post, tech enthusiasts can discover five of Google X’s most creative and innovative projects. Self-Driving Car In ... Read More »

5 Minicams To Consider Over Your Smartphone


A smartphone may not always be the best option for recording video, depending on the situation. Consumers are increasingly turning to minicams for affordable and high quality video recording due to their size and ease of use. Here are some minicams to consider if you are in the market for one: GoPro HERO4 Session Black 8MP The brand most often ... Read More »

How Abbey Roads Studios Invests In Digital Technology


Arguably the most famous recording studio in the world, it is difficult not to think about The Beatles when mentioning Abbey Road Studios in London, U.K. Some of the world’s most famous musicians have recorded at Abbey Road, but that is the past. The future for entrepreneurs is in Abbey Road Red, the first music technology incubator in Europe. History ... Read More »

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