Tuesday , 25 November 2014

Skype Finds Its Cubicle In Micrsoft Office Online


Is becoming increasingly apparent that Microsoft is changing. They have dropped weight (like Nokia) and started emphasizing internal collaboration. Under the leadership of Satya Nadella, the technology company is incorporating the cloud into all of its products and service offerings. Nelson Sui, a program manager at the Microsoft Office Shared Enterprise team, noted that users will be able to communicate ... Read More »

Upcoming App Helps Mobile People Stay Present In Person

Not Alone but Lonely

We have all been guilty of looking at our phones while with other people. Some of us are more guilty than others. In some friendships and relationships, it has become a point of concern and resentment. You might be able to relate if you have heard the any of the following phrases: “Get off your phone!” “I’m right here, who ... Read More »

Most Popluar Word Document Online Software


Word document processing is one of the most popular software used today. You probably use a word or text processing software in your daily life. To developers, these programs are called text editors. However, most people will simply preferred to it as a Word or Microsoft Word. The word doc is most popular because of the Microsoft Office Word processing ... Read More »

7 Common Fixes For Slow Internet Speeds


You are tired of the slow internet speeds. You can not take waiting for another webpage to load. You just want to get what you need done online and get on with your day. But, you are stuck waiting for each click to load the next item. Ten minutes later, you have finally checked your bank account. At one point ... Read More »

8 Best Computer Repair Solutions (Free & Paid)

notebook, and two persons on white background

Whether it is a slow start up or full-blown virus on the computer, your system needs repairing. You are not the most tech saavy person in the world. Your first instinct is to use your slow internet speed (or whatever you have working) to search online for solutions. You will probably find everything ranging from small computer repair services, corporate ... Read More »

How Increase Internet Speed Easily For Free


Every month, the Internet bill arrives in your mailbox or inbox. You pay on time month after month for the same old Internet. In fact, you are basically the poster child for cable internet on time payments. But are you getting the Internet service that you deserve? Many Internet service providers actually promise faster speeds then you receive. They tell ... Read More »

How Digital Technology Created The Candy Storm


You may be familiar with videos or articles going viral but that does not mean it is necessarily good, unless your only goal is to generate ad revenue through media monetization. For example, there are videos that go viral about people getting hurt or trying to damage the reputation of a certain person. In some cases, people would call this ... Read More »

How Semiconductors Impact Technology Global Trade


Semiconductor industry association is working with global leaders to promote fair trade. The initiative is known as the governments/authorities meeting on semiconductors or CAMPS. These leaders, government officials and influences from China, Europe, Japan, Korea and United States, meet to address issues that could affect the global semiconductor market. Their main goal is to promote fair trade and healthy competition ... Read More »

How To Print Onto Canvas Via Mobile Apps


In today’s world, over 800 million pictures are taken annually. We share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and other social networks. However, there is a digital divide when it comes to actually printing out your mobile photos. Many of us, do not print at all. Maybe, that is because we do not care to have thin glossy pictures laying ... Read More »

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