5 Best Headphones Under $100


If you’re looking to buy headphones, you could probably pay as much as you want. There are headphones from $5 to as much money as you are willing to spend. We all know that there’s high-end headphones like almost every commodity out there. However, many of us want to maximize the value of the products we buy, especially electronics. This ... Read More »

A “Digital Insight” To Online Banking Platforms


Back in 2007, Intuit bought a company named Digital Insight for $1.35 billion. The company became the Intuit Financial Services group, offering online banking solutions for financial institutions. Being one of the major players in the digital banking industry, the company grew to also serve customers beyond financial institutions. After being bought again, Digital Insight has around 650 employees that ... Read More »

The 9 Types of Apps for Mobile End Users


When talking about different types of apps there is two different ways you can go. There are different types of apps for developers and end-users. For developers, there are three different types of apps that are known as native, web, and hybrid. However, this post will not focus on apps for developers, but apps for end-users on Android and iPhone. ... Read More »

Cloud Computing Causing Digital Business Transformation


We hear all about the cloud, and cloud computing. But, do we really know who is getting the big gains from cloud computing? What are the types of companies that are actually benefiting from the cloud? If you’re asking these questions, just like us, you’re in the right place. In this post, we would like to go over who’s really ... Read More »

Captialize On The Electronic Media Process Now


We are all surrounded by it, the electronic media process of creation. Probably more advanced than ever, the new process of creating content is easier, faster and cheaper than before. Electronic media consists of any type of media, or content, that must be accessed via electronic devices. This is different from static media or for example, a newspaper, which does ... Read More »

Warning: Microsoft Office Update For Mac Interruptions


If you have Microsoft office for Mac 2011, then you’re probably used to the regular updates provided by Microsoft auto update program. You know the drill. Microsoft Word starts taking a long time to open up, edit documents and save. Microsoft Excel becomes extremely sluggish and Power Point just does not open. It’s hard to get your work done with ... Read More »

The Best Phone for LG Fans and Android Fanatics


In one of the most highly commoditized markets, the cell phone market, we’ve been hearing crazy thing about the best cell phone for android users. But, could this be the best phone yet? You’ve seen headlines like the following: the best giant screen the best phone in 2014 the phone to beat And the list goes on and on… LG ... Read More »

Integrate Digital Technology The RIGHT Way


We live in a digital world. No doubt, at some point down the road, will have to distinguish between the real world and an actual digital world. (If you’re having trouble picturing it, see the movie Tron). However, until that time comes, how are digital world is made up of digital technologies to make our lives easier and more productive. ... Read More »

Most Favorite Storage Cloud Apps For Android


Cloud apps are on the rise. Everyone is talking about how the cloud makes everything easy. Last time I checked, clouds meant a rainy day and playing video games. However, nowadays, most people are talking about the digital cloud. Simply put, the cloud is other servers where you can either store, access or edit information. They help businesses and individuals ... Read More »

How Buying A Digital Camera Conquers Phone Markets


When buying a new digital camera, what should you be looking for? Today’s basic cell phones have better cameras than expensive analog cameras 10 years ago. So if you’re getting ready to splurge on a new camera, maybe you should just buy new phone. However, despite all the innovation in digital cameras and cell phones, the newest cameras are still ... Read More »

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