Thursday , 30 March 2017

IoT Big Data Developments Present Opportunities For IT Professionals

Big data revolutionized the technology industry several years back and proofed just how much devices impact relationships. However, now with the advent of the Internet of Things, big data takes on a whole new meaning for anyone who works in the information technology sector. IoT big data will continue to grow with the growth and development of smart home devices ... Read More »

How Technology Is Changing The Fast Food Industry

Quick-service restaurants make up at least 20% of franchises in the United States today, according to Franchise Direct. What’s more, the fast food industry as a whole generates more than $550 billion annually around the world and nearly a quarter-trillion in the United States alone every year according to Franchise Help. When you consider that total revenues for fast food businesses ... Read More »

HTML5 Development Advantages For Readability And Compatibility

If you work in web or mobile development, you are probably familiar with HTML5, though admittedly not as familiar as you are with the HTML TM tag. The updated version of the markup language has started to outperform even Java. However, you may not quite understand why HTML5 development has become so popular so quickly. If you are a developer ... Read More »

The Best Landlord Apps Every Property Manager Should Install

A landlord app is a type of software designed to assist landlords with their everyday tasks. This can be anything from rent collection and best filesync to inspection services. If you are a property manager, you know the difficulties of tending to numerous tenants at a time. Thankfully, there is a landlord app available for any project you could imagine. ... Read More »

Cloud Hosting Advantages Over Traditional Dedicated Hosting Services

If you own an online business, you are familiar with hosting. You are probably also familiar with the fact that their are multiple types of hosting available today. Cloud hosting, a relatively new solution, is starting to gain steam, especially with small online businesses, similar to how the VoIP server trend gained notoriety. This cloud migration is taking place due ... Read More »

How Customized Earbuds Upgrade Your Listening Experience

With new technology emerging daily, headphones and earbuds are ever changing in color, style and function. Websites today are making is easy to customize your earbuds adding text, image or even a logo. Read on, to discover the newest way to make your customized earbuds completely and uniquely your own. Promotional Several companies allow you to customize your earbuds and ... Read More »

Types Of Adhesives And Sealants For Engineering Students

If you are a technology student or any kind of STEM student, you are sure to know what adhesives and sealants are. They are used for everything from 2 way radios to home construction projects. However, you may not actually be familiar with the technology behind adhesives and sealants. If you want to brush up a bit on your knowledge ... Read More »

Do Coaching And Mentoring In The Cloud For Better Results

Coaching and mentoring are great ways to grow individuals and businesses. For IT professionals, the cloud is a very helpful way to coach and mentor within the same company or across the globe. To learn more, read about how to coach and mentor using these cloud-based websites. MentorCloud MentorCloud is a website for IT professionals who are looking to mentor ... Read More »

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