Saturday , 25 June 2016

Top IT Jobs For Technology Enthusiasts


Jobs in the information technology field are growing at a rapid pace. They are currently among the best in terms of starting salaries and employment outlook. The main benefit of IT jobs is the scale of opportunity for most prospective employees. The level of employment for IT-related jobs is set to increase by nearly 10% in 2016. That number is ... Read More »

Top Things To Consider Before Purchasing A MicroPC


  There was a time when the term “MicroPC” meant a computer that did not take up an entire room. Over the years we have seen technology get smaller and smaller. Today, the term microPC can refer to a computer that fits in the palm of your hand. You can even go smaller and get a microPC the size of ... Read More »

Top WinHex Alternatives For IT Security


WinHex is software that can be used to edit files or recover lost files. It is a universal hexadecimal editor, often used in IT security, computer forensics and data recovery. If you have a need for such a program but do not wish to use WinHex, here are four alternatives you may consider. Recover My Files Recover My Files benefits ... Read More »

Award Winning Clearswift Services For Business Owners


Clearswift is an information cyber-security company based in the UK. The company provides threat assessments and data loss prevention tools to businesses. If you are a business owner seeking a boost in IT security, you may want to consider Clearswift. Clearswift offers tools for email security, web security and other critical ways to protect your information. If you are considering ... Read More »

Top Number Keypad Uses For Career Men And Women


Not too long ago, Apple did away with their number keypad. The number keypad is the 17-key section of a standard keyboard containing digits and math symbols. It is often used for calculator-like efficiency when dealing with numbers on the computer or for navigation. However, Apple rid their keyboards of the number keypad back in 2008 for aesthetic purposes. The ... Read More »

Interesting NERSC Website Features For Science Lovers


NERSC stands for National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center. The NERSC is one of the world’s largest facilities dedicated to providing computational resources for scientific research. Although the computer is primarily used by scientists, the NERSC website has a variety of fun and interesting features for you to explore from your very own computer. Below are some of the top ... Read More »

Business.Comcast.Net VoIP Advantages For Versatility

Comcast Business Voice is a Voice over IP (VoIP) system designed to offer communication solutions to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Upon signing up for the program, users will receive login information for the VoIP portal,, where they can control and utilize the service. If you run a business or organization and are considering a VoIP system for ... Read More »

Top FolderShare Alternatives With Cloud Capabilities


FolderShare is a software application that allows you to create peer-to-peer networks through which you can share files. FolderShare entered the market in the early 2000’s. The company was soon bought out by Microsoft in 2005. Microsoft utilized FolderShare to create Windows Live Sync. This program uses the same FolderShare technology to synchronize files from multiple computers. However, technology has ... Read More »

Top FWBuilder Alternatives For Firewall Management


FWBuilder, also known as Firewall Builder, is an open-source software system designed to simplify firewall management. FWBuilder is popular due to its powerful, easy-to-manage system. Unfortunately, in 2013 the creators of FWBuilder announced that they would suspend development for the beloved software system. Users can still download the latest FWBuilder version on their website. However, with the way technology is ... Read More »

Alternative Aside Definition For HTML Use


You may know the definition of aside in daily conversation. It is a word everyone uses and hears each day. However, the aside definition is different when it comes to technology. If you want to learn more about the definition of aside in HTML, check out some of the need-to-know facts below. The Aside Definition The word aside is often ... Read More »

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