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5 Strategies To Advertise Podcast Series Using Digital Platform Tools

For podcasts producers, it is essential to harness the power of digital tools to promote your program. If you create engaging content that provides value, is consistent, and discusses a niche, yet interesting topic you have completed all the hardest steps. Now, all that remains is to effectively promote and distribute your podcast online. While it may seem time-consuming and difficult to do so, a successful promotion strategy will have the greatest impact on audience growth. If you plan on eventually transitioning your entertaining podcast into a profitable business or program, a marketing strategy is integral to your process. If you are interested in the top strategies to advertise podcast series using digital tools, continue reading this post.

Leverage Your Audience & Following

As you look to promote your podcast using digital tools, consider leveraging your audience and following. Young internet users are increasingly savvy on the internet. Chances are, members of your audience have a significant following of their own. When these audience members frequently promote and share your content on the various accounts, it can rapidly grow your following. Make it easy for your audience to share video clips, and quote photos. Allow your audience members to access unique quotes, links, images, and pre-made updates to share on their social media pages. Leverage the power of your audience and followers in order to promote your podcast stream using digital tools.

Increase Launch Frequency

A major strategy amongst podcast owners to promote their content is to increase the frequency of their episode launches. More frequent launches guarantees that there is new content constantly available for your audience. If prospective audience members like you first episode, they may be disappointed if there is only a single episode released at a time. Many prominent podcast owners believe the minimum number of episodes to upload per launch is three. More content makes your channel more popular and appear more established. In order to harness digital tools to promote your podcast, consider increasing the frequency of your episode launch.

Convert Podcasts Into Alternate Formats

In order to advertise your podcast to new audience members, convert episodes into alternate formats. If you are currently posting content on a paid-subscription platform, consider offering episode versions on free streaming sites as well. Free streaming sites often receive higher traffic than apps that require a paid monthly subscription. In addition, consider converting your episodes into text form. Many potential audience members do not have the time to watch videos or listen to produced content. If you transcribe podcast dialogue into text, you can potentially target an entirely new audience. In text form, readers can access your podcasts on digital magazines or on their e-readers. In order to advertise your podcast and grow your audience, convert podcasts into alternate formats.

Promote Online

In order to advertise your podcast using digital tools, you need to follow traditional online promotion strategies. Create social media pages for yourself on several highly-trafficed platforms. Share a mixture of video clips, images, quotes, trailers, or soundbites on your pages. Ensure you link your content and pages to the main publishing location of your episodes. In addition, you can look to paid promotion tools offered on Google Ads. For a fee, Google Ads can guarantee your listings to appear within the top 3 URL results on related searches. Consider traditional online promotion efforts in order to advertise your podcast using digital tools.

Submit Content To Multiple Platforms

In order to grow your audience and advertise your podcast, submit your content to multiple platforms. There are several major streaming sources for podcasts. Submitting your episodes to the largest amount of platforms provides you the best chances of growing your audience. Look to free video steaming sites, music downloading services, and radio broadcasting apps. Each of these services and providers attract a completely different audience. Participating in the largest number of groups provides you the best chance of reaching new audience members and growing your overall following.

As podcast owners prepare to launch their programs, it is essential to plan and deploy an advertising strategy using digital tools. A major strategy amongst podcast owners is to leverage the power of your audience and following. Increase the frequency and reliability of episode launches to retain your audience’s attention. Convert produced content into alternate formats to reach new audiences who do not have the time to watch visual content. Promote your content online using social media platforms and ad agencies. Furthermore, submit your content to dozens of platforms where podcasts are offered. If you are interested in the top strategies to advertise podcast series using digital tools, consider the options mentioned above.

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