Sunday , 20 September 2020

New AI Learning Technology Allows Machines To Perform Human Tasks

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are two separate things. Although, they often get confused for being the same thing. Now, new strides in technology have actually sort of combined the two into something called deep learning. Deep learning is part artificial intelligence and part machine learning. Find out all about this new kind of AI learning below.

What Is Deep Learning?

Deep learning, or AI learning, is a type of machine learning. This machine learning method is structured to mimic the behaviors layers of neurons exhibit in the neocortex. The neocortex is the largest part of the brain that is responsible for generating thought. This is the part that works hard when you try to remember the abstraction definition. Obviously, this cold be seen as one area where machine learning and artificial intelligence are sort of one and the same. This deep learning definition gives real meaning to the phrase AI learning.

Recognizing Patterns

Deep learning allows machines the ability to recognize patterns in a number of different mediums. Pattern recognition is possible in speech and images as well as in data and print. These pattern recognition capabilities take machine learning one step closer to more accurate representation of human thought processes. For those technology lovers afraid of AI learning risks, these new types of pattern recognition technology may be especially concerning.

Making Predictions

AI learning has also improved in the area of making predictions. These deep learning methods are able to make much more accurate predictions than were ever capable with earlier machine learning technology. This predictive technology is already in use at many of the top technology companies. Netflix, Google and Amazon all use some form of deep learning technology. Clearly, deep learning applications are no longer just theoretical.

Real-Time Translation

Real-time translation tools are now a reality thanks to developments in deep learning. You can know use technology that will translate foreign languages immediately. This allows you to hear real-time conversations from foreign language speakers in your own native tongue. That could prove extremely useful if paired with FXO technology in particular. AI learning developments have made this science fiction dream a reality for technology lovers with wanderlust or those with international friends.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology is possible because of AI learning strides. Facebook auto-tagging features are powered by deep learning tools. The facial recognition features on Google are also similar applications of machine learning methods. This is a human-task that was not possible just a few short years ago. That is why it is such an exciting development in machine learning and AI technology fields.

Deep learning is a one of the newest machine learning methods. This AI learning helps power artificial intelligence applications that are used by technology lovers like you every single day on your Amazon fire phone. Use this post as a deep learning guide to learn up on the topic. It will help you understand the differences between machine learning and AI.

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