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3 Ways Android Developers Make Money Off Of Their Mobile Apps

There are plenty of ways to make money online. One of the most profitable businesses around, mobile apps are making big profits for companies. In every industry from gaming to finance apps, they are bringing in massive revenues. As a developer, we have some of the best ways android developers are making money.

Free Apps

Most popularly, android developers are creating free apps on the Google Play store. These apps are typically low cost to maintain and developed by individuals or a small team. Free apps are a great way to test an idea, gain users quickly or collect data to improve on. Commonly, the free mobile apps are supported by banner ads or interstitial ads to earn revenue. You can easily set up an account with multiple mobile ad networks to get started monetizing a free app.

Freemium Apps

Apps that use a free-mium model use the best of both worlds. Android developers are able to gain users, making their app free to download and use, without or without slow internet. However, they restrict certain essential or non-essential features. Once their users are locked-in, they can purchase the upgrades to access additional levels, upgrades or content. The purchases are made through IAP, or In App Purchases. Undoubtedly, the freemium or semi-paid app has grossed a generous amount of profits for app developers.

Paid Apps

Advanced developers are making money with upfront paid apps. Many paid apps carry an immense value to users that is not available in other free apps (or not with the same features). The paid model requires developers to create quality product. It is more difficult to gain users. And, users typically expect a higher level of support. Whether the app is a one time cost or a recurring cost, android app developers can make significant income with a selling paid app.

To Get Started

If you want to get started developing for Android, you are going to need the skills to do so. Thankfully, Google Developers Training provides a free course that will help you learn how to become an Android developer. The Android Developer Fundamentals course teaches you basic Android programming concepts to build a variety of apps, like test management. If you need to learn how to code before you can start making money developing for Android, consider taking the free Android Developers course from Google Developers Training.

How Much Do Android Developers Make?

Assuming you decided to develop on of the apps below, you can expect to make over $5,000 per month. Many apps in the Google Play store, on the Android platform, are making their developers over $5,000. However, these are just revenues. You must take into account the costs, including labor, maintenance and infrastructure. It will take a while to reach this level. Typically, you should be within the top 20% of apps in the app store to maintain this level of income as a self employed android developer.

Earning More With Companies

On the other hand, android developers can work for large development companies. In fact, there are many companies hiring android developers. The demand to choose a web developer has now been outpaced by mobile developers. Their apps already have large user bases and they are profiting tremendously. Getting a job with an app development company can earn you between $49,000-$122,000 dollars. Unless you already have an app with a million downloads, employment is a great option make money for android developers.

These are several ways for android developers to make money. If you are planning to develop an app on your own, it can be free, semi-free or paid. Or, you can work for someone else and develop an android app for tablets. Either way, you have the opportunity to make a substantial income in this relatively new industry.

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