Friday , 15 January 2021

How Application Integration Impacts Your End User Experience

Anyone that uses software has probably read the the words “integrates with…” somewhere on the internet when trying to find the best software solutions for their particular needs. This is true regardless of whether you use book publishing software or an app from the App Store. However, many software users do not even know what that means or how it is used in software development. Find out what application integration is and learn all about the various purposes for enterprise application integration, or EAI, below.

What Is Application Integration?

Application integration is the process of merging functions or data from one application with another program. This process is sometimes referred to as Enterprise Application Integration, or EAI. However, EAI has a more specific objective. Enterprise application integration is the use of middleware, or middleware framework, to enable systems integration across a whole enterprise. For software users like you, applications integration takes on the former of these definitions.

Data Integration

There are three reasons why application integration is used, and one of them is for integrating data. Developers want to be sure that users like you are getting consistent, accurate information across any array of platforms and solutions. Using application integration strategies ensures that this is achieved. If you value having accurate information at your fingertips regardless of what application or software you are using, whether you use video editing software or content curation tools, data integration makes this possible.

Brand Independence

Software integration also helps make vendor independence possible. While this may not seem important to the average software user, it does if you have ever worked at a company that uses business technology. Vendor independence allows for business policies to remain in place regardless of which applications you are using. If you own a business and you do not want to have to restart from the ground up when you switch to a new software brand, the vendor independence software integration allows helps you do just that.

Consistent Appearance

Application integration exists to offer users a consistent software appearance, regardless of which applications they use. When integrating applications, users like you do not have to learn how to navigate a new interface whenever you download a new program. End users experience a consistent software interface regardless of which application they are using. This is something that definitely makes application integration a worthwhile endeavor. Keep this in mind if you ever need to choose web developer services somewhere down the line.

Why Does It Matter?

As an individual software user, you may wonder why applications integration should matter to you. If so, there are many reasons why you should care about the topic. Applications integration processes have a ton of benefits for end users. It allows you to streamline processes and access information much more quickly and efficiently. It also allows you real-time information access that is consistent, regardless of which brand of software you are operating. If you value ease of use, you have application integration tactics to thank for this.

The average software user probably has not heard much about software integration as a concept. However, they have definitely heard about a number of different software options that make the claim “integrates with…”. If you do not know what application integration is, this does not mean much to you. Now that you know what it is and why it is used, you will begin to notice the benefits application integration offers end users like you. If you like to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to working with technology, you should thank any developers you know for making application integration a priority for modern business.

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