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Comprehensive DATEADD Function Guide For SQL Server And Access

The DATEADD function on Microsoft Access is used to add or subtract a specific time interval from a date. This can be an extremely useful feature for anyone who works with spreadsheets or documents containing a lot of date and time information. It is also crucial to an effective IT strategy. For a complete overview of what the DATEADD function ... Read More »

Get Oracle Certification By Using These 4 Easy Steps For IT Professionals

Oracle is a multinational software company that primarily focuses on enterprise software, cloud technology and database software. In addition to developing these products, Oracle also runs Oracle University. Oracle University is designed to assist users in completing the Oracle Certification Program. This program assesses the proficiency of individuals when using Oracle products. Oracle certification can be a great boost for ... Read More »

Why You Need NAS Storage Solutions To Protect Small Business Data

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. This is a dedicated file storage device that operates through a specific network. NAS storage is ideal for small businesses because it provides multiple users with access to the same files through their shared network. If you are a small business owner and you are interested in learning more about storage options for your ... Read More »

Simple HTML TM How To Guide For Commonly Used Legal Symbols

Even the most advanced web designers sometimes need to rack their brains for basic HTML codes or nosql tips. If you create websites for businesses, you could probably use a little help keeping all of the necessary symbols in line. Below you will find an overview of some of the most commonly used legal symbols and their corresponding HTML codes. ... Read More »

Adobe Spark Video Software Helps Visual Learners Engage With Content

Adobe Spark Video is a visual storytelling application developed exclusively for iPad and iPhone. The point of Adobe Spark is to help others create engaging social content that is easy to create and share. As technology like this continues to find its place in classrooms, many teachers may be wondering exactly how something like Adobe Spark Video can benefit their ... Read More »

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