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4 Ways To Fix SYLK File Format For Unexpected Microsoft Excel Errors

A SYLK file is a Microsoft file format. SYLK stands for SYmbolic LinK. SYLK files are typically used to exchange data between applications, specifically spreadsheets. However, some Microsoft users tend to run into problems regarding SYLK files. If you use Microsoft and are familiar with VMDK basics, you may have seen an error message that says “SYLK: File format is ... Read More »

Popular MGCP Alternatives To Improve VoIP Protocol Data Encryption

MGCP stands for Media Gateway Control Protocol. It is a standard protocol utilized in Voice over IP (VoIP) communications. However, there are other VoIP protocols to choose from. Currently, there are four popular VoIP protocols available. To ensure that you choose the best VoIP protocol for you, we are going to provide a brief overview of several VoIP protocols like ... Read More »

Overclocked CPU Guide For Beginners To Understand Associated Risks

Overclocking is the process of resetting a computer’s components in order to make it run faster than the manufacturer’s original speed. Oftentimes, it does not take any additional software or hardware to improve the performance of your computer. However, there are far more cons than pros to having an overclocked computer. If you are interested in learning about the disadvantages ... Read More »

Innovative Overtime Fitness Technology Changes The Way You Workout

Overtime Fitness is a workout facility located in Mountainview, California. Because they are not a big-name gym, you may not have heard of Overtime Fitness. However, they played a big role in revolutionizing fitness and technology and will definitely be going viral soon. If you are interested in learning more about how Overtime Fitness changed the way people work out, ... Read More »

Finding The Right DB 9 For Your PC Electrical Connections Project

A DB-9 connector is a type of D-subminiature connector. While these connectors will not help you with Swiftstack applications, a DB-9 was once used for a variety of purposes on PC’s. These connectors were often used to connect devices to the computer, such as keyboards, mice, and similar. There are still modern purposes for a DB-9 connector, however. If you ... Read More »

Abstraction Definition For Encapsulation in Object Oriented Programming

The term “abstraction” has various meanings in general conversation. These definitions can be used to describe art and philosophy, among other things. Similarly, the abstraction definition is used in computer science. In the technology field, the abstraction definition is used to describe a central principle of object-oriented programming. It is easy to choose web developer employees to create a website, ... Read More »

New Chase Payment Method Simplifies Online Shopping Checkout

Chase Payment, better known as Chase Pay, is the bank’s latest attempt at staying competitive in the ever-evolving e-commerce market. Chase Pay allows user’s a safe and easy way to pay for goods at various online retailers. Perhaps you have seen a Chase Pay logo on your favorite online retailer’s site. Or perhaps you have been prompted to try out ... Read More »

How VCE Vblocks Systems Help Simplify Business Virtualization

VCE is a coalition formed by international tech companies VMware, Cisco and EMC. Together, they are dedicated to the advancement and promotion of cloud computing and virtualized environments. VBlocks are some of their latest projects. They are a converged infrastructure designed to help companies make the switch to virtualization. If you are a business owner interested in firewall management and ... Read More »

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