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How Obfuscated Code Can Help Developers Maintain Project Integrity

Obfuscated code is a source or machine code that is deliberately written to be difficult for humans to understand. Obfuscated code can be used for a variety of reasons, and there are many pros and cons to the practice. If you write code and are interested in learning more about the benefits and disadvantages of writing obfuscated code, continue reading. ... Read More »

Configuring MTU Settings Properly Using Ping Test Results For Size

In computer networking, MTU stands for Maximum Transmission Unit. If you stream videos or download files often, you may have noticed that it can make your internet connection lag when searching for something as simple as searching for the lifelock number. This is directly tied to your computer’s MTU. Thankfully, you can increase the MTU settings on your computer. This ... Read More »

Download dBASE System Trial To Access New Data Module Designer

dBASE is a computer system that allows you to create, edit and organize applications. Currently, the complete version of the latest dBASE system retails for $499. This can be an extraordinary cost to the average user who may want to access the application’s tools. However, there is a way to avoid that costly price without combing through kirby reviews, (for ... Read More »

HP Vertica Advantages For Precise Analytic Database Management

HP Vertica is an analytic database management software company. Their services are designed to help users manage fast-growing volumes of data and provide fast query performance. Vertica is especially useful for businesses who want to keep track of their analytics and performance. If you are considering the software for your business, it is not quite as simple as choosing a ... Read More »

Volkswagen Phaeton Sedan Makes Premium Class Amenities Affordable

The Volkswagen Phaeton is a luxury sedan that was introduced to the public in 2002. Since then, the Phaeton has received mixed reviews around the world. In North America, the car did not sell well. Volkswagen did everything they could to garner support and sales for the premium class vehicle. However, it was pulled from the North American market in ... Read More »

How Lossless File Compression Helps Users Maintain Image Quality

Many people do not realize all of the intricate factors that play into the use of computer files and file sharing. However, it is important to note how factors like compression can play a large part in the quality of an image or audio file. Who could have imagined with the invention of the camera that we would eventually be ... Read More »

Cisco CCVP Certification Alternatives To Boost Your IT Career

CCVP stands for Cisco Certified Voice Professional. In order to achieve CCVP certification, individuals were required to pass a series of exams. CCVP was a professional certification and many people acquired it to increase their job possibilities. However, CCVP certification is no longer available. Cisco made changes to their CCVP certification in 2010, but many people may not realize the ... Read More »

Why DTS Surround Sound Is Best For Your Home Theater System

DTS stands for Dedicated To Sound, a multichannel audio processing system. These audio technologies, owned by DTS Inc., are extremely popular for a variety of at-home and professional uses. DTS Inc. manufactures a series of sound system devices including wireless speakers, surround sound systems and even headphones. Currently, DTS dominates the surround sound market alongside Dolby Digital. If you are ... Read More »

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