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MCSE Certification Checklist Of Testing Requirements And Procedures

A Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, or MCSE, certification affirms your expertise in computer infrastructures running on Microsoft Servers. They are a great addition to an IT professional’s resume because they serve as an expansion of one’s skill set. This is especially true if you already have a SNIA certification on top of it. If you would like to obtain your ... Read More »

Complete Outlook.pst Guide To Manage Microsoft Email Account Data

In computing, a .pst file stands for personal storage table. Outlook, a personal information manager from Microsoft, utilizes Outlook.pst file often. However, many Microsoft users do not know about or understand the use of Outlook.pst files. If you are a Microsoft user interested in learning more about Outlook.pst files that contain business data or personal data, continue reading below for ... Read More »

Lenovo Accutype Keyboards Offer More Comfortable Typing Experience

Lenovo is the multinational technology company that developed the AccuType keyboard. Lenovo claims that the AccuType keyboard features a modern look and feel in addition to flatter keys that concave slightly. This is a new approach to keyboards like SwiftKey. These keyboards have been a topic of discussion for many Lenovo customers. Whether they love it or hate it, people ... Read More »

SNIA Certification Test Prep Resources To Help You Achieve Credentials

SNIA stands for Storage Networking Industry Association. The SNIA is a vendor-neutral network of professionals who are dedicated to advancing storage and information technology, not to be confused with SSL certification. If you work in the IT field, SNIA offers certification tests to reflect your knowledge of the field. There are many benefits to achieving SNIA certification. Some of these ... Read More »

Top 5 Momentus Apps That Demonstrate Creative, Innovative Design

  Momentus Software is a software development company that marries technology and design. Momentus Software offers a variety of services to businesses including hardware integration, product design and app development. If your business is looking to ditch the freelance PHP beginners and work with a creative, innovative company on big projects, Momentus Software may be the right choice. Below are ... Read More »

Useful Google Cloud Endpoints Tools For Easier App Development

Endpoints, technologically speaking, are the points at which an interface connects with a server. Google has introduced a new feature to their App Engine program that is useful in API backend. If you develop apps like the Picsart app for a living, or just as a hobby, you may be interested to hear about Google’s Cloud Endpoints feature. This post ... Read More »

7 Ways SmartOps Inventory Management Tools Optimize Supply Chains

SmartOps is an inventory optimization and supply chain analytics company, founded in 2000. The company was acquired by SAP Inc., a leader in the field of business operations, in 2013. Since then, SmartOps has now become SAP Enterprise Inventory and Service-Level Optimization. As a business owner responsible for an enterprise supply chain, you may be interested to know the opportunities ... Read More »

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