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Best Book Publishing Software To Launch Your E-Book Independently


The rise of digital authorship has changed the publishing industry. If you want to become a self-published author, you are going to need the right book publishing software. There are hundreds of different programs available to help bring your story to life. However, for professional quality results that you can do at home, you will need one of these software programs below.


Scrivener is a book publishing software that is well loved by many. It is a complete writing studio that makes all of your creative endeavors easier to manage. Avid tech users will enjoy the multi platform integration, while old fashion writers will love the ability to store their research directly in the program. From layout tools to full screen editing, writers will love this multipurpose book publishing software.

Adobe InDesign

For the aesthetic-minded author, the Adobe Creative Suite offers a variety of tools for completing your book in style. One of the most useful programs, for example, is InDesign. This publishing software makes layout easier than ever. Whether you are completing a magazine, novel or short story, this program will be able to handle it all. The vast array of features is not for the technically challenged. However, if you can get a handle on this program it is the ideal layout service, working with devices like the Amazon Fire Phone.

Xara Designer

Xara Page & Layout Designer delivers on its name. With a modern interface that features high quality designs, Xara is capable of anything. This desktop publishing service offers excellent typography and graphic design tools. However, it does not skimp on the simplicity of writing and layout tools. Text flow and templates will make self-publishing easier than ever for you. If you want a convenient and feature-rich program at your fingertips, consider downloading Xara Page & Layout Designer.

Microsoft Publisher

Most writers are familiar with Microsoft word. Now, it is time to get familiar with Microsoft Publisher. If you are familiar with Word document online, learning this application will be a breeze. Publisher features excellent layout and design tools, though it lacks the extensive graphic design tools offered by some of the competition. However, with a little effort and careful planning on your part, this widely available service can help to produce a high quality product.

Blurb’s BookWright

Finally, Blurb’s BookWright is another book publishing software that has made its way into our top picks. This program is an excellent option for beginners. It features built-in tutorials, which will guide you step-by-step through all of the most important publishing processes. BookWright also has a free database software with many customizable templates to offer. This way, you can enjoy the freedom of creativity even when you need an outline to guide you. From EBooks to photo books, this software program can do it all. If you want a convenient, easy to use application, BookWright is the one for you.

Choosing the right book publishing software can make or break your debut as a self-published author. Thankfully, there are a variety of excellent programs available to help you make the book of your dreams. Whether you want something with a variety of features, like Xara, or something simple and easy to use like Publisher or BookWright, you are sure to find the program you need from this list.

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