Sunday , 23 February 2020

5 Best Wedding Slideshow Maker Features For Photographers

Couples getting married have high expectations for their photographers. On top of providing quality photos that capture their special day, couples also expect their photographers to put together slideshows. For this reason, the most popular wedding photographers use the best wedding slideshow makers. As a wedding photographer yourself, you need to invest in the top solution in order to meet your clients’ needs. Read this post to learn the best wedding slideshow maker features for photographers. With this knowledge, you will be able to choose the most effective solution to grow your brand.

Voice Over Options

Firstly, one of the most crucial features to look for in a wedding slideshow maker is voice over. With voice over options, you will be able to bring photos to life for your clients. Think of this tool as you would digital storyboards. Both add engaging qualities to content. On every client’s special day, take great photos and also take recordings. If you record the couple talking about one another or to one another, you can use the recordings in your slideshow. Play their words as photos of them transition. You can also record the guests and play their kind words while the slideshow transitions. This personalized touch will make your slideshows more heartfelt and, in turn, increase your ratings. Thus, this is an important wedding slideshow maker feature to look for.


Another feature that the best wedding slideshow makers offer is transitions. When photographers use slideshow makers that do not provide them with transition tools, their final pieces seem jarring. You need transitions in order to calmly move between photos and videos from different parts of the day. Whether you prefer fade outs or sliding transitions, they can help to create slideshows that flow. Find a wedding slideshow maker with this feature.

Music Library

Additionally, the best wedding slideshow makers have music libraries. Photography businesses often struggle with getting music to implement into their slideshows. After all, music licensing fees can be expensive and you cannot use Pandora music. If you do not have the budget to pay for these fees, you might have to leave music out of your slideshows altogether. However, most couples want their wedding song to play in their slideshows. If you want to add this meaningful touch and avoid spending large sums on music licensing fees, invest in the best wedding slideshow maker.

Photo/Video Editor

Give your slideshows the boost they need by using a wedding slideshow maker with photo and video editing tools. Photographers who use these advanced slideshow makers have faster turnaround times. You do not need to edit your photos and videos separately before putting them together in one slideshow. Instead, you can save yourself time by compiling the photos and video clips you want into your slideshow maker as they are. Then, you can clip and crop them depending on how they fit within the slideshow maker. If you want to offer your clients quality products soon after their special day ends, invest in a wedding slideshow maker with this feature.

Social Media Sharing

Finally, the top wedding slideshow maker solutions offer social media sharing features. With the permission from couples, you can advertise your photography business by sharing clips of slideshows you created on your social channels. If your followers like what they see, they will reach out to you. Hence, you can gain new customers with this wedding slideshow maker feature. Use Facebook marketing tips to build your brand further on the popular platform. You can do the same on any social media channel. Do not underestimate the power social media can have on your company and, instead, take advantage of it.

Wedding photography businesses need to impress clients in order to grow. One of the best ways to do that is to offer them quality slideshows. To make these slideshows, you need a great solution that has voice over options. The top ones also offer transition options that make the slideshows flow nicely. Since music licensing fees can get expensive, the best slideshow makers provide users with music libraries. They also have photo and video editing tools. Lastly, the top tools provide photographers with social media sharing features that allow them to advertise their brands effectively. Look for the best wedding slideshow maker that has these features.

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