Thursday , 9 April 2020

Top BI Reporting Solutions To Discover Software Driven Insights

Business intelligence is one of the defining elements that can make or break a business. However, managing business intelligence data and compiling business intelligence reports is no easy task to take on for the average business owner. Thankfully, there is business intelligence software that can make the BI reporting process much simpler. However, there are also a lot of choices to consider. Keep reading below to learn the top BI reporting software available to streamline your most important business processes.


Domo is one of the most popular BI reporting tools available on the market. Domo is entirely cloud based, making it easily accessible no matter where you are. It also has incredibly user-friendly data visualization features that help to streamline the sales process, in particular. With the Domo software, your business can stay up to date on information regarding revenue trends, the opportunity pipeline and overall sales activity easily. If you want to experience great customer service alongside your business intelligence reporting capabilities, consider Domo.


Sisense is one of the top names in business intelligence software. Sisense BI software features everything you need to analyze crucial business data. These features include the ability to combine data from a variety of sources into one single database. Sisense also offers easy setup and a short learning curve for new users who have only just mastered the Dateadd function on Access. If you want an easy to use BI solution that provides in-depth insight into large data sets, Sisense is the solution for you.

IBM Watson Analytics

No doubt you are familiar with IBM Watson. That same artificial intellgience is now offering a useful business intelligence solution. IBM Watson Analytics is the perfect solution for all different levels of skills. Those new to data analytics will find it easy to gain insight thanks to the BI reporting features the software makes available. However, more skilled data scientists are also able to use IBM Watson software to complete more complex tasks, like decision trees and deep dives. No matter what your skill level, you should consider using IBM Watson Analytics.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI software is another solution that can help you turn scattered data into valuable information for your business. This BI software allows you to compile data from wherever it is stored, as well as access the software from any internet-enabled device. When it comes to BI reporting, this solution has everything you need to create useful tables and dashboards that are customized to application for your business needs, unlike AS2 software. If you want a BI reporting solution that is customizable and easy to use, consider Microsoft Power BI.


BIRT, or Actuate Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools is an open source Java BI reporting tool. This open source BI software includes features to help you build and publish reports from all types of databases and data sources. If you are more technology-savvy and know the answer to “what is Hadoop,” BIRT can help you bring powering reporting capabilities into your Java based applications. You can also benefit from the active community of open-source BIRT users who are there to provide help and support to one another. If you are familiar with data science and technology, BIRT is the BI reporting solution you have been waiting for.

For a business owner, BI reporting tools can help to streamline these business intelligence processes in order to make your business perform at maximum efficiency. These BI solutions will also help you to make better, more well-informed business decisions. That is certain to help your business performance overall. Consider the top BI reporting software mentioned above. These BI software solutions are sure to help you bring your business to the next level sooner, especially when you use them alongside Nen.

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