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How To Overcome eCommerce Distrust & Calm Privacy Fears

With Amazon’s ever-increasing share price and decreasing retail numbers, many people within the eCommerce industry might be shocked to hear that consumer faith in eCommerce is not as rosy as investor faith. Almost half of people distrust eCommerce so much that they don’t shop online. This could be explained by the fact that 79% of people don’t feel that their ... Read More »

5 Types Of Vulnerability Scanning Tools For Cyber Security Best Practices

Having the best digital security measures in place is a necessity for web developers. Whether you develop SaaS or webpages, without top of the line IT security, your efforts could be rendered useless. Vulnerability scanners can help you find faults in your software, computer system, network and servers. If you need help finding the best vulnerability scanning tools available to ... Read More »

Savvy Password Protection Habits To Improve Your Online Security

Chances are all of your accounts are password protected. You access everything online, from e-mails, to your calendar and even your bank. If your whole life is on your personal computer, not utilizing proper password can make you susceptible to theft or an invasion of privacy without VirusTotal or similar security software. Technology users may think that your password protects ... Read More »

How A Job Scheduler Helps Complete Tech Projects On Time

Throughout the stages of an IT project, there are many tasks to complete and deadlines to meet. Time is often wasted on menial jobs. Many times employees are wasting time on jobs that could be done by a software like a robot factory. Project managers may want to consider the use of job scheduler technology. With a job scheduler, batch ... Read More »

How Etextbooks Enhance Learning Experience For College Students

Waiting in line for a project management or history textbook can be almost as frustrating as the hefty price tag that comes along with them. If you are a student looking for an alternative, consider classes that offer etextbooks. An etextbook is an alternative that may solve many of the problems conventional textbooks present. Many professors currently offer this option ... Read More »

Best Web Development Languages For Beginners To Learn To Code

Everyone that has even the slightest interest in tech has thought about learning to code and building a website. However, many people are often deterred because there are so many different types of programming languages that can affect website stickiness. It can be difficult to know which are best for beginners interested in web development in particular. If you want ... Read More »

Priority Podcasting Tools To Host, Edit And Stream Your Show

Everybody wants their voice to be heard. A podcast is a great way to do just that. Since podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, many tech enthusiasts are considering starting one. If you are looking to start a podcast on a budget, these are the podcasting tools and software you are going to need to get started. Podcast Hosting Every podcast ... Read More »

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