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6 Yesware Chrome Alternatives For Efficient Email Tracking

Yesware Chrome is an email tracking extension developed by Google. This extension, which costs between $12 and $55 per user per month, is designed to help sales teams and businesses track their email engagement. Businesses rely on Google for multiple company functions. They use Google Timeline to edit saved location tracking entries. Yesware Chrome provides analytics, centralized billing and team ... Read More »

Twitter Mentions Features Make Social Media Communications Easier

Twitter is a social media site in which people can post 140 character statuses. These statuses can include life updates, jokes and general everyday thoughts of the user. Additionally, Twitter can be used as a way to communicate through mentions, replies and direct messages. Communications have certainly come a long way since 2 way radios. To learn more about the ... Read More »

How To Create Outlook Email Account And Boost Productivity

Outlook is a Microsoft-supported email application. In addition to sending and receiving messages, Microsoft Outlook can also act as a personal information manager, providing users with access to a calendar, task manager, contact manager, SlashID security and journal. Before users can take advantage of the many features Outlook has to offer however, they need to create an Outlook email account. ... Read More »

Simple HTML TM How To Guide For Commonly Used Legal Symbols

Even the most advanced web designers sometimes need to rack their brains for basic HTML codes or nosql tips. If you create websites for businesses, you could probably use a little help keeping all of the necessary symbols in line. Below you will find an overview of some of the most commonly used legal symbols and their corresponding HTML codes. ... Read More »

How Modern Tech Devices Impact Relationships Today

Today you see them everywhere, on busy streets people walking with their heads down oblivious to the world. In New York, Chicago, and LA it’s the same. In China half a billion people rarely look away from a tiny glass window that is their window to the world. Social Media connects the world and yet no one seems to have ... Read More »

Easy Promiscuous Mode Networking Guide For Portgroup Level Functions

Learning about technology can sometimes become a rabbit hole of definitions you do not understand. Simple concepts and terms, such as promiscuous mode, can seem overly complex to beginners who have not yet mastered the basics. Thankfully, we are here to identify every definition you need to understand what promiscuous mode is. Once you have memorized these simple terms, a ... Read More »

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