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Buy A Wireless Trackball To Upgrade Your Computing Experience

Although the traditional mouse it considered the norm, a far better option is hiding in plain sight. Computer users should switch to a wireless trackball to eliminate the annoyances of a traditional mouse or trackpad. While it may be more difficult to get a hold of a wireless trackball, it is a purchase that is definitely worth the extra effort. ... Read More »

How To Choose A Stylus Pen For Touch Screen Laptops

Almost every device out there has a touch screen. Along with touch screens come minor annoyances, such as finger prints, and more major ones, such as the inability to be very accurate. Touch screen laptop users should purchase a stylus to avoid using their fingers as their only tool. Read on to learn the factors you should consider when choosing ... Read More »

Tips To Buy A Used iPhone That Actually Works

Soaring prices of new technology make the market of used media devices tempting. Technology beginners on a budget should purchase a used iPhone over a new one. This will allow you to use an iPhone while avoiding the hefty price tag. Use the tips ahead to make the best choice when selecting a used iPhone to purchase. Make Sure It ... Read More »

Why Wireless Charging Coil Will Take Over Traditional Charging Cables

The struggle of keeping charging cords organized and on hand can be aggravating. Cell phone users continually find themselves running out of battery at inconvenient times after browsing their social media websites all day. You should switch to a wireless charging coil instead of a traditional cable to get the most convenient charging option. Here are the benefits of wireless ... Read More »

High Tech Alarm Clocks To Start Your Day Right Every Morning

Being a morning person is a skill that we all strive for, but it doesn’t come easily for everyone. As a student, not only are there early morning, but those early mornings are often following up a late night. Unfortunately, sleeping with your phone right next to you can be detrimental to the good night’s sleep you desperately need. Luckily, ... Read More »

Adjustable Height Desks Pros And Cons To Consider Carefully

The average person spends twelve hours a day sitting down. Sitting for extended period of time can cause anything from bad posture to heart disease, as well as decreasing productivity. Now there is an alternative for office workers working on Adobe Audition CS6, but it’s not perfect for everyone. Adjustable height desks, or standing desks, have benefits as well as ... Read More »

Best Hybrid Smartwatches That Combine Tech And Classic Features

With the emergence of smartwatches, consumers can answer calls, send text messages and get directions, as well as plenty of other tasks without even reaching for their smartphone. The next level of smartwatches now offers the look of a traditional watch combined with the features of a smartwatch, earning the name, hybrid smartwatch. Similar to how e-readers use technology on ... Read More »

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