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4 Ways To Fix SYLK File Format For Unexpected Microsoft Excel Errors

A SYLK file is a Microsoft file format. SYLK stands for SYmbolic LinK. SYLK files are typically used to exchange data between applications, specifically spreadsheets. However, some Microsoft users tend to run into problems regarding SYLK files. If you use Microsoft and are familiar with VMDK basics, you may have seen an error message that says “SYLK: File format is ... Read More »

Complete Outlook.pst Guide To Manage Microsoft Email Account Data

In computing, a .pst file stands for personal storage table. Outlook, a personal information manager from Microsoft, utilizes Outlook.pst file often. However, many Microsoft users do not know about or understand the use of Outlook.pst files. If you are a Microsoft user interested in learning more about Outlook.pst files that contain business data or personal data, continue reading below for ... Read More »

5 Free FolderShare Alternatives To Create Your Own Personal P2P Server

FolderShare is a software application that was bought out by Microsoft in 2005. Microsoft utilized FolderShare to create Windows Live Sync. This program uses the same FolderShare technology to synchronize files from multiple computers. However, technology has come a long way since 2005. Today, there are dozens of ways that you can share folders and files to multiple computers without ... Read More »

Free Up Drive Storage With These Top Disk Cleanup Solutions

Drive storage is a device or method of saving data onto a drive. A drive is anything that can read or write data. Every computer or laptop comes with a hard drive: a high-capacity, self-contained storage device that is sealed inside of the unit. However, despite this imbedded storage, computers and laptops can fill up on data pretty fast, that ... Read More »

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