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Why Custom Software Development Suits Your Next Project

The choice between using an off-the-shelf software solution or a customized one can cause several companies a great deal of stress. The most interesting things about this supposed problem is that almost every business knows that custom software development is the best choice. Despite this, fear still exists. The following are five reason why businesses of any size should consider ... Read More »

Fleet Tracking System: Textbook Technology Benefits

If you own a business with any type of company vehicle, you will understand that it is absolutely imperative for your employees to drive with care, honesty and discretion. Now, imagine the worst-case scenarios for a work vehicle; it is stolen or involved in an accident, or an employee is frequently speeding or leaving work early in the vehicle without ... Read More »

Top Help Desk Software Benefits To Streamline Solutions Now

Help desk software is rapidly becoming the standard for customer service and IT customer support departments in businesses large and small. However, there are also many software users who are wary to automate such an important business process. After all, if a particular SaaS choice does not perform well, that will hurt customer satisfaction, which will ultimately hurt your bottom ... Read More »

CRM Marketing Automation Integration Benefits For Visibility, Scalability

The term marketing automation integration refers to the process of incorporating a CRM, or customer relations management, solution into your existing marketing automation software. If you are an IT professional responsible for marketing automation software, you are probably curious as to what the benefits of CRM integration are. There are countless benefits to CRM marketing automation integration. Keep reading below ... Read More »

Top A/B Testing Tools Software To Improve Webpage Conversion Rates

A/B testing tools, also called split testing or bucket testing tools, are used in comparing two webpage or app versions against one another. This process helps marketing professionals figure out which app or webpage performs best. If you need to use AB testing software in order to improve conversion rates, keep reading below to learn about the top AB testing ... Read More »

6 Outreach Software Solutions Than You Need To Gain Customers Easily

Increasing ties with local customers helps to attract more business by bringing opportunities to their attention the second you get wind of a special promotion or great opportunity. The first tangible thing that you want to do to enhance your customer relationships is to build a network of past, current and potential customers so that you can market nuanced material to ... Read More »

How To Create A CSR To Obtain An SSL Certificate For Your Site

The first step to obtaining an SSL certificate for your online business is to create a CSR, or certificate signing request. An SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, certificate is required if you want to accept credit card payments online for barter technology or other products. However, there are different ways to generate a CSR depending on which server you use ... Read More »

6 Ways Event Driven Architecture Re-Invents Cloud Data Management

Cloud computing allows companies and organizations to scale their computing capabilities far beyond just being able to convert image to PDF. So far, we have spent most of our programming in the cloud around current operations, data collection and analysis. Now, event driven architecture stands to re-invent how cloud computing manages data. In fact, this developing software architecture might be ... Read More »

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