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How To Download Mythbuntu Distro For Myth TV Network Access

Mythbuntu is a media center operating system based on Ubuntu, a Linux operating system. Mythbuntu is most popular for its integration of the Myth TV network, which is much more entertaining than radio broadcasting. The Myth TV network is a free and open sourced home entertainment application. It can be used to play, pause and rewind live TV shows, play ... Read More »

7 Ways SmartOps Inventory Management Tools Optimize Supply Chains

SmartOps is an inventory optimization and supply chain analytics company, founded in 2000. The company was acquired by SAP Inc., a leader in the field of business operations, in 2013. Since then, SmartOps has now become SAP Enterprise Inventory and Service-Level Optimization. As a business owner responsible for an enterprise supply chain, you may be interested to know the opportunities ... Read More »

Why CPQ Software Helps Business Provide Better Customer Experience

CPQ software, also known as configure price quote software, is a product that helps companies interpret complex sales data. There is a variety of CPQ software available from different companies. However, just like free database software, each one is essentially designed to do the same thing: improve your business. Below are some of the features and benefits you and your ... Read More »

NetBeans Compatible Programming Languages For App Development

NetBeans is a software development platform written entirely in Java. However, NetBeans is designed for developers to use when programming in a variety of languages. If you are a tech person interested in NetBeans, you should familiarize yourself with the programming languages it supports. Whether you develop accounting software or mobile gaming apps, you can use NetBeans to get the ... Read More »

7 Ways eClinical Works EHR Software Simplifies Digital Communication

eClinicalWorks is a cloud-based electronic health records service. With eClinicalWorks, you can finally eliminate paper from your health care services. Instead, eClinicalWorks provides doctors and patients with a mode of digitized communication. If you are a medical professional considering making the switch to paperless healthcare communication, you may want to consider eClinicalWorks. Below are some of the benefits of digitized ... Read More »

The Complete Scaled Agile Services Guide For Faster Frameworks

Scaled Agile Inc. is a company dedicated to serving software and systems-dependent businesses. The mission of Scaled Agile Inc. is to help businesses achieve better outcomes, increase employee engagement and improve economics. If you are a business owner seeking to improve in any of these areas, there are several Scaled Agile Inc. services that may be of use to you. ... Read More »

5 Raven Software Video Games That Were Successful

In the past 25 years, Raven Software has developed or assisted in the development of over 30 computer games. The Raven Software has enjoyed great success, even sometimes ranking over gaming websites. Currently, fans are reeling in their video blogs after the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Raven Software assisted in the development of several COD games. ... Read More »

Top Firewall Management Solutions To Simplify Firewall Monitoring Now

FWBuilder, also known as Firewall Builder, is an open-source software system designed to simplify firewall management. FWBuilder is popular due to its powerful, easy-to-manage system. Unfortunately, in 2013 the creators of FWBuilder announced that they would suspend development for the beloved software system. Users can still download the latest FWBuilder version on their website. However, with the way technology is ... Read More »

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