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Important Protections Antispyware Solutions Offer PC Users

SUPERAntiSpyware is a free software that offers a range of protection to computer users from viruses, adware, worms and spyware (among others). Still, most average computer users don’t think of providing their computers or webcam security with the proper protection needed to keep their information safe. There are a variety of protection software available to those who know they need ... Read More »

How Backdoors Offer Perfect Hacking Strategies For Encrypted Devices

Backdoors are methods by which a technology user can gain unauthorized access to a program or computer function outside of normal security parameters and proper IPtables confirguation. While the average technology user may not be familiar with backdoors, there are several things you may be surprised to learn. In this post, we have important details on backdoors that you should ... Read More »

Create Video Blogs For Free With Top Free Video Editing Software

Video Blogs, also known as vlogs (different from vblocks), have become a Youtube phenomena in the past few years. With so many seasoned vloggers out there with high-tech editing software at their disposal, beginners may feel intimidated as they try to produce quality content on a budget. Whether you are doing vlogs on PC games or new technology, there are ... Read More »

DidTheyReadIt Email Receipt Software For Professional Communications

Communicating via email is an easy and convenient option that has been embraced by many. Individuals use email in place of personal letters, but also in business settings and professional communications. One drawback with email is that the sender generally has no way of knowing if the recipient read the email unless a response is received. DidTheyReadIt is a website ... Read More »

Ensure Business Data Security With These Hacking Prevention Tips

One of the biggest threats to a business’s safety is a breach in data security. Most businesses not only store their own files, reports, and information online or on a software system, but most also keep the personal information of their customers, clients, or partners stored on a computer. With today’s technological generation, there is a bigger threat of a ... Read More »

Choosing Inventory Control Software To Better Manage Operations

Most business owners are not IT specialists. For those who are, they are quick to implement operational technologies, orchestration tools and control systems. And for the majority, it requires either hiring and IT professional or implementing the proper technologies after much heartache. Inventory control software can help business owners manage their operations effectively, just as CPQ software does. They can ... Read More »

Ways Custom Software Development Increases Competitive Advantage

Whether the client is at the enterprise or small business level, custom software development can help drive value that  increases competitive advantage. This is even true of custom story telling software. While there are many standard software solutions available, many companies choose to implement custom solutions tailored to their own needs. Instead of working around generic software, customization allows you ... Read More »

All You Need To Know About Windows 10 Updates Before Downloading

In our previous post on Microsoft’s integration of Skype into OneDrive, we noted that Microsoft is seeking to right all the wrongs made in the Window 8 release. It is evident that Microsoft is pushing for compatibility and integration across all devices and platforms. They want to be the one company that you may not see, but is everywhere behind ... Read More »

The Best Word Document Online Processors That Are Totally Free

Word document processing is one of the most popular software used today. You probably use a word or text processing software in your daily life before using iFax tools to send it where it needs to go. To developers, these programs are called text editors. However, most people will simply preferred to it as a Word or Microsoft Word. The ... Read More »

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