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How Technology Is Changing The Fast Food Industry

Quick-service restaurants make up at least 20% of franchises in the United States today, according to Franchise Direct. What’s more, the fast food industry as a whole generates more than $550 billion annually around the world and nearly a quarter-trillion in the United States alone every year according to Franchise Help. When you consider that total revenues for fast food businesses ... Read More »

5 Ways The Industrial Chemicals Industry Uses Technological Innovation

Industrial chemicals are chemicals that are developed or manufactured for the use in industrial operations or research by businesses, governments and organizations. Chemical producers were among the first to use digital technology extensively for their production process. If you are involved in the technology industry, you may be interested to hear about how the industrial chemical industry may be utilizing ... Read More »

Explosive Human Cloning Developments Since Dolly The Sheep

If you are over the age of 18, you surely remember the explosive obsession with the concept of human cloning back in the day. The obsession with cloning began with the news of Dolly the sheep, the first ever animal to be cloned using a process called somatic cell nuclear transfer, or SCNT. However, that turned out to not be ... Read More »

Four Easy Ways To Improve Your SME With Technology Software

No matter whether you’ve just started as an entrepreneur, or you’re an established technology SME you should always be looking for ways and means to improve. Resting on your current servers and going through the motions in the digital world can see your company eventually being left behind by the competition; so you should act now to make your innovative ... Read More »

How The Auto Parts Industry Is Being Reinvented By Technology

Automobiles have changed a lot since they were first invented. From the horse-and-buggy to the Tesla, transportation has advanced significantly with the rise of technology. Today, more and more developments are being made, especially in the auto parts industry. While the design of your car may remain the same, the inner workings are changing in a big way. To learn ... Read More »

How Technology Has Improved Businesses

Technology has created a world that’s incredibly well-connected and this has been to the benefit of businesses, both small and large. It’s allowed for better communication, more streamlined operations, and reduced costs for businesses. With technology constantly evolving, businesses are enjoying more ways to evolve and improve. Here are some of the ways that technology has improved business and why ... Read More »

Best Contract Review Technology Features The Software Can Perform

The contract review and management process can be quite expensive. There are quite a few companies striving to automate contract reviews with software. These conversational intelligence or semi-AI programs could dramatically change the contract life cycle, including how all contracts are completed. For individuals who need contract services, you should look forward to the following contract review features. Easy Contract ... Read More »

Best Types Of Auto Battery Technology For A Long-Lasting Charge

When your car battery dies, you probably don’t think much about the replacement. Naturally, we replace our auto battery with a similar model to what we had before. For those of us driving older cars, the batteries technology industry is changing quickly. When buying a new battery, seize the opportunity to embrace, newer, more advanced technology. Here is a comparison ... Read More »

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