Thursday , 28 January 2021

5 Types Of Centralized Logging Solutions For Managing Your Data

There are many types of centralized logging solutions available for IT admins to manage data. Rather than have your data residing in silos, these programs allow for consolidation of all of your data. Additionally, IT admins can parse the centrally located information into relevant reports with tools the software provides. With the variety of centralized logging options available, choosing a solution can be a challenge. With increasingly functional logging technology, it becomes increasingly easy to manage data from your all-in-one PC or Macbook. IT admins should continue reading this post to determine which logging software best suits their company’s needs for managing data.

Open-Source Tools

You can find many open source logging solutions for storing and generating logs. These types of solutions are best for integrating with other programs. Many IT admins can run open source logging tools with their existing applications. You can create an end-to-end stack for managing your data. If you have advanced needs, the open source platform allows you to run real time analytics too. Depending on your skill set, this type of logging offers plenty of capabilities and opportunities to create innovative solutions.

On-Premise Logging Solutions

The decision to house your logging software on-site should not be made without a complete cost-benefit analysis. On-premise logging can be done directly from the comfort of your home workstation computer. The equipment you need to get the logging solution up and running requires upfront capital costs. Then, there is the continuing maintenance fees for both the software and the hardware. However, making the price tag more palatable are their extremely robust features with enterprise-class functionality. Additionally, IT admins should note that running logging applications on dedicated, in-house equipment is the perfect solution for monitoring infrastructure and business intelligence.

Logging In The Cloud

A cloud-based logging solution provides a quick, easy and economical alternative to managing data. Rather than standing up your own equipment to have information centrally located, IT admins can get setup quickly in the clouds. Moreover, these programs are known for their intuitive dashboards which is good news for IT admins. This user experience also decreases the training you will need to start running those all-important log reports. Centralized logging programs in the cloud allow IT admins to focus more on data analysis and less on managing the system.

Free Logging Programs

If you are an IT admin on a budget, then you will be happy to know that there are many free centralized logging solutions available. Some are open-source while others are cloud-based. Regardless of the underlying platform, they all provide at least a basic feature set of the full product. It is a great way for IT admins to become familiar with the product before committing to a monthly expense. Often times, customer support, audit logs and upgrades are the only exclusions from the unpaid version. If you consider yourself a light user, then free logging software may just meet your needs.

Agentless Or Agent Log Collection

IT admins looking to easily deploy a centralized logging platform should go the agentless route. There are, of course, limitations to its simplicity. Agentless logging is less secure and requires additional configuration of firewall rules. On the other hand, your existing platforms might not have the proper logging capabilities. In this case, a log solution provider can offer agents designed for your existing platforms. Depending on your development needs, you should consider an agentless or agent log collection system.

With the diverse software options offered for centralized logging, IT admins will be able to find the perfect solution to manage their data. To be successful, you no longer need a super advanced supercomputer. Each type has its pros and cons that should be weighed during the decision-making process. The type you choose will likely be influenced by ease-of-use, feature set and cost. Afterall, if you have limited resources, you will probably opt for a free version of a cloud-based or open-source platform. If the budget is not a factor, you will be able to add premise-based options to the list. Before selecting, check out your agentless vs agent logging solutions on the market. Of course, there are many types of logging programs on the market. Consider these to manage data within your organization.

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