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Top 5 Change Control Software For Smooth Migrations

Change control software is a necessary part of agile business, especially if you are just about to migrate to a new software, like Swiftstack. If you are an IT manager, it is probably your responsibility to choose the best change management software for your company to use. However, it can be hard to make this decision when you have not used all of the options out there for IT service management, or ITSM. Make your job a little easier by consider the top change control management software options mentioned below.


Samanage is one of the most popular ITSM software on the market. In addition to change management features, the software also has incredible reporting features that offer a ton of useful metrics. This change control software is also one of the few options that is ITIL certified, meaning it satisfies Information Technology Infrastructure Library compliance. If you want to manage all your assets while saving time with smart automation and the best in class ticketing, consider Samanage.


WalkMe is another great change management software for IT managers to consider. This ITSM solution makes it easy for employees to transition to an unfamiliar software. You can use the software to overlay onscreen instructions. That will make it much easier for employees to complete even the most difficult tasks. That will help to make your company more efficient, wasting less time and money on training and help desk support. If you want to guide your employees through tasks from start to finish, consider using the WalkMe software. After all, it is certainly more effective than writing step-by-step instructions in a Word document online.


WhatFix is another change management solution that offers the ability to make your own interactive guidance system. You can use it to create personalized training programs and onboarding programs. WhatFix makes it easy to create interactive walkthroughs with zero coding required. The change control software also offers a customizable analytics dashboard and round-the-clock support with dedicated account managers. That means your solutions will always be customized to your company’s needs. This will certainly help to guarantee effective change management and software migration.


iTop change management by CombodO is another excellent choice designed by experienced IT service professionals. This change management solution offers customizable workflow capabilities, allowing you to select the life cycle of tickets or list of tasks necessary to perform for process achievement. iTop also allows each IT team member to define their own control screens with the information they find most relevant. With this change control software, you can track all changes to the SI, use CAB references to present schedules and anticipate impact to prepare users effectively.

Web Help Desk

Web Help Desk software offers everything you could need for ITSM. You can make use of some of the best web-based ticketing and change management features using this program. In addition, you can also utilize less common features like auto asset discover, IT asset management and knowledge base tools. Web Help Desk also comes in two deployment models – on-premises or cloud edition. That means you can truly select the best solution for your company’s environment. Make sure you consider Web Help Desk when looking for the best change control solutions out there.

If you are an IT manager, you should definitely consider the change management solutions mentioned above to help you navigate your transition to ACF2 security software or any other programs. These top change control software options offer all of the features necessary to help you ensure a smooth transition every single time. Make sure to consider the needs of your company to determine the best change management solutions for you.

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