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5 Must Have Club Texting Software Features To Engage Customers

Club texting, also called mass texting or bulk texting, is an incredible effective marketing and advertising tool for all types of businesses. However, not all mass texting services offer the same features and benefits. If you were hoping to use text message marketing tactics in the near future, you definitely want to be sure you download a club texting software that fits your business needs. Learn about the must-have mass texting software features you need your business marketing technology solutions to have below.

Tools To Expand Your Reach

Any worthwhile club texting service will provide features to help you expand your reach. The specific types of outreach features will vary based on the service you elect to use. Some mass texting services offer Keyword features that allow customers to sign up for text alerts by texting a specific, customizable keyword to a short five-digit number. Others include features that provide you with sign up form widgets for your website. Make sure to only consider marketing text services that include some sort of outreach features, regardless of whether they provide keyword signup tools or sign up widgets. Otherwise, your marketing texts will not reach many people at all.


Do not buy a bulk texting solution that does not provide scheduling features for your text message marketing campaigns. Obviously, scheduling tools make it possible to set up a whole bunch of outgoing text messages at once. This way, you do not have to log on to the software every single time you want to reach your customers. Marketing tools for electronic media that do not allow you to schedule text messages in advance will only become a burden after a few short weeks. Save yourself the aggravation and only buy a club texting tool that includes scheduling features.


The best text message marketing services provide inboxes to their business users. This allows recipients to reply to your marketing messages just by texting the same number. It also makes it easy for you to keep track of too. A dedicated inbox for text message replies makes it easy to organize and manage your text message marketing campaigns. One-on-one, two-way chatting with customers is sure to help you improve customer service for your business overall. It will also help to boost your brand loyalty. Inbox features are only available from the top mass texting solutions. But if you can afford them, these customer service tools will definitely pay off in the end.


Picture messaging is definitely a must-have feature for club texting software. In today’s meme age, you want to be able to send graphics and images to your text message subscribers. Images lead to improved user engagement, which is why digital media marketing has risen in popularity so quickly. They can also help you convey more information to your customers than the standard SMS texts allow. Unless you really have no other affordable bulk texting tools available to you, do not use any that do not include picture messaging features.

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaign features should definitely be included in any club texting tools you consider. Drip campaigns make it possible to text list subscribers at scheduled intervals after they join your list. These drip campaign tools help you stay in continuous contact with subscribers. Obviously, more frequent contact when they first join will help keep them around for longer. If you want to make sure that your text message subscribers do not opt out just a short while after signing up, make sure that the club texting software you consider includes tools to create drip campaigns.

Club texting solutions make it easy for all types of businesses to capitalize on text message marketing strategies. However, not all mass texting tools are made equal, just like backup software. No matter which one you decide to use in the end, make sure that it includes the must-have text messaging features mentioned above. These features will make give your marketing campaigns the help they need to reach as many customers as possible for as long as possible. Your business is sure to see returns from your selection.

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