Friday , 15 January 2021

5 Creative Cloud Apps Bring Must-Have Artistic Tools Online

Adobe has a wide array of software products for creative types and artists. All these types of creative software can cause a burden on your wallet and on your laptop’s available memory space. That is why more artists in search of creative technology solutions are looking for creative cloud solutions in particular. The Creative Cloud by Adobe is the technology company’s response to growing demand for web-based software. It provides a number of cloud hosting advantages. Learn about the different Creative Cloud apps you get access to when using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software solutions down below.

Photo Editor

One of the most well-known Creative Cloud apps put out by Adobe is their popular photo-editing software. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing apps all around. Every photographer has heard of Photoshop. But, the Adobe Creative Cloud suite also offers access to other photography tools, like Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom allows you to edit, store and organize your photos all in one artistic software solution. These are some of the photo editing tools you gain access to with a Creative Cloud user account.

Digital Publishing Tools

Adobe Creative Cloud apps also include digital publishing tools. These publishing tools include Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. Use the two together, and you are able to publish a digital publication from start to finish. The cloud availability of the online publishing tools presents even more benefits for streamlining editor and publisher workflows. If your creative genius exhibits itself in the form of written word, the Adobe Creative Cloud apps have the perfect creative software tools for you.

Video Editing & Production

The Creative Cloud app even offers video editing and video production software solutions. The video editing tools featured include Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. The Premiere Pro software helps you edit and product videos. The After Effects tools can be used mostly for post production processes. These post production tasks include creating cinematic visual effects or motion graphics. For those creative types who need video production tools, the available Adobe Cloud Creative apps have you covered.

Audio Recording & Mixing

Audio production tools are also included in the Creative Cloud software suite. You can record and mix audio using Adobe Audition with or without VMDK. That is one of the most popular audio production software options available on the market. With the cloud apps offered by Creative Cloud, you have access to this and much more to create audio files that you can be proud of.

Product Design & Prototyping

Product design software is features within the Creative Cloud. The Creative Cloud tool available for product design and product prototyping is named Adobe XD. The Adobe XD software includes all the prototyping tools and product design tools you could ever need. In fact, the suite of applications also includes Adobe Dimension which can even help you with package design. For product design tasks, the Creative Cloud apps just about have you covered.

If you are a creative technology user, the Adobe Creative Cloud suite is probably one of the best creative software solutions for you to consider. This is because there are a ton of Creative Cloud apps for all different artistic purposes and projects. Just some of those artistic software tools are detailed above. Consider this when deciding on the best cloud products to help you further your artistic desires. It offers you everything you need to succeed, besides resume software.

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