Thursday , 30 March 2017

The Importance of Cyber Security In The Workplace

The internet has become deeply ingrained in our everyday lives; particularly in the workplace. It’s helped improve productivity with the best filesync, enhance communication and it’s opened up endless opportunities for small businesses. However, as well as all of the benefits it can bring, the World Wide Web is also full of potential dangers.

If your business relies upon the internet for data storage, communication and day to day tasks, cyber security is definitely something you should be investing in.

The Dangers of Being Unprotected

If you don’t invest in adequate security, you could literally end up losing your company. As more business goes online, hackers see the opportunity to cash in on unsecure networks. If they manage to get hold of your customer or client’s details, they can then use them to create credit accounts or to steal money from their bank accounts.

If data is stolen and it does affect your customers, that will have a significant impact on your reputation. It can also lead to huge claims being made against your business which you may not be able to afford to pay. A successful cyber-attack could have a devastating impact on your industry or biotech operating system so you need to not only be prepared for these dangers, but also protected against them.

With each passing year, hackers become more sophisticated and capable of breaking past security barriers. Therefore, cyber security needs to be a continuous issue that’s addressed each year.

What Security Should You Have?

If you want to protect your business against cyber-attacks, the first step is to ensure you have up to date software. Newer updates tend to come with advanced security measures so it’s important not to put off updates when they pop up.

It’s not always easy to identify potential security issues so it can help to hire a professional company. Having a professional company like Nettitude carry out penetration testing for example, can help you identify any security issues you may need to address.

One thing you should also do is have a solid cyber-security policy in place. This ensures your employees understand how to keep their computers and details safe online. Within the policy you should address things like what is acceptable and what isn’t, such as your employees shouldn’t download any unsecure programs to their computer.

Perhaps the most important security protection measure you can teach your employees is to be wary pf phishing emails. These are basically email scams sent by hackers, which are designed to steal personal details and passwords. They have become a lot more difficult to recognize over the years and many look like they are sent from genuine companies. So, you need to ensure your employees understand not to click on links enclosed within emails unless they 100% know they are from a reliable and trusted source.

Overall, cyber-security is extremely important in the workplace and it’s vital you take adequate measures to protect your business.

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