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Unconventional Directional Speaker Uses To Entertain Family And Friends

Directional sound has been a goal of those in the technology industry for quite a number of years. Now, directional speakers are actually a reality for tech-consumers like you. But, can this new audio technology actually find a place in everyday consumer life? Find out the unconventional, and exciting, uses for directional speaker technology that average tech lovers like yourself could take advantage of below.


Directional speakers can help you project a voice onto a toy, stuffed animal or other inanimate object. This will give it the appearance that it has come to life. This is something even the best headphones cannot do. Obviously, this could be an incredibly fun trick to play on your friends. Or, it could be a magical experience for children in your life. Regardless of whether your intentions are well-meaning or nefarious, new animatronic possibilities are endless thanks to directional sound technology.

Ambient Music

If you need to set the mood, a directional speaker can help you make an intimate environment out of anywhere. You can direct ambient music to a specific room or person. This way, other rooms in the house or other customers in the coffee shop will not hear a thing. These applications of a directional speaker could be especially useful for dates and romantic nights out. That is another reason why this new audio technology could be so helpful to the average consumer like you.


Directional speakers were first used for military purposes. But now, they can do much more than that. However, it is still interesting to hear the ways that this new technology is revolutionizing the rules of engagement. The U.S. military in particular has been using this technology for quite some time, since 2014 to be exact. They make use of long-range acoustic devices on ships that allow them to send loud audio warnings to other vessels within a 500m range. If you are a civilian, you can still take note of this use to inspire some ideas for your own boat or truck. It could be an unconventional use of directional sound that proves to provide a bit of fun, unlike your overclocked CPU.

Public Environment, Private Listening

If you need to listen to something in private but only have a public place at your disposal, a directional speaker can make this possible. You can use a directional speaker to direct music directly to your specific restaurant. This could prove to be a useful tech gadget to make your date swoon for a proposal or other romantic night out. Or, it could help your kids stay engaged and happy during a boring family event. Regardless of what environment you use it in, directional sound gadgets can give you the privacy and intimacy you desire.

For Fun

If you want to freak your friends out, buy a directional speaker. Directional speakers can be used to send music to a specific target alone. This will obviously make them feel a bit crazy when they ask people around them whether they hear the same thing or not. Your directional gadget will provide endless laughs. If you consider yourself a bit of a prankster, you probably should buy a directional speaker as soon as possible to provide yourself endless hours of entertainment.

Average tech-lovers have probably already heard of directional sound technology for a number of years. But until now, this technology was never available for public consumption. Now that commercial directional speakers are a reality, you can get your hands on the new audio technology. Just be sure to read Kirby reviews about different products before you buy. Then, have some trying out all the different uses for directional speakers mentioned above. You are sure to get your money’s worth if you do.

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