Saturday , 24 October 2020

5 Reasons Amazon Echo Dot Offers Best Value AI Technology For All

The Amazon Alexa technology can change your life if you let it. But unfortunately, so many of the Amazon Alexa devices are out of the average person’s price range. The Echo Dot is one of the few affordable Alexa gadgets. Thankfully, it offers much of the same benefits that the more expensive Alexa AI products do. Find out why you should considering investing in Alexa tech like the Echo Dot instead of being apart of the coming iPad sales figures below.

Smart Home Gadgets

The Amazon Echo Dot allows you to take advantage of all the new smart home technology that is on the market. This is a super exciting prospect for tech lovers. Internet of Things devices used with the Echo Dot make it possible to control every aspect of your home, from lights to locks, all from the comfort of your bed. IoT gadgets can also make your home greener. If you want to be a more environmentally-conscious consumer, purchasing the AI technology offered by the Amazon Echo Dot is a great place to start.

Simple Setup

The Echo Dot is one of the easiest AI devices to setup. You do not have to be a tech expert to use the Alexa technology. You just have to know how to plug something in and download an app on your phone. Then, you can follow along with the in-app setup instructions to connect your Alexa device to the internet. Other AI products require a bit more technical know-how to make full use of their features. The Amazon Alexa products make it simple for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the perks of voice-enabled technology.


The Echo Dot device is much cheaper than the other Alexa-enabled Amazon devices. The original Amazon Echo can cost you $150. The newer Amazon Echo Show is even more expensive, priced at around $200. But the Alexa Echo Dot from Amazon is the cheapest option of all the Alexa products. The voice-enabled micro PC costs just $50. But, you can often find it marked down for prices as low as $30. If you are light on cash at the moment, the Echo Dot makes it possible to still enjoy voice-enable technology gadgets.

Free Phone Calls

The Amazon Echo Dot also enables users to make free phone calls. You can call any phone number for free thanks to the VoIP technology Alexa brings with her. All you have to do is speak the right command to your Echo Dot – “Alexa, call (say phone number here).” Then, you will be connected with the number. These phone calls come at no additional charge to you. That means your fifty dollar Echo Dot offers a whole lot more value to help you stretch your dollars.

Endless Skills Potential

Amazon Alexa gadgets come with the ability to enable skills. Think of skills as the third-party apps of the Alexa technology world. New skills are always being added to the lineup. But even now, the offerings are impressive. There are third party skills that can allow you to buy a flash drive with a single command, provide access to your favorite podcasts or radio shows, daily workouts and even sleep sounds to prevent hours of tossing and turning at night. No matter what you need to do, there is surely an Alexa skill to make it easier. This makes the possibilities for your little Echo Dot endless.

If you want to get a piece of the AI technology gadgets, the Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa technology is a great option. It is more affordable than other voice-enabled gadgets. But, it still offers many of the same benefits, like being able to use smart home products. In fact, Alexa even includes features that make it a more enticing option than others, like the ability to make free phone calls or enact endless amounts of skills. Consider the Echo Dot review above to help you figure out whether these Echo Dot features are worth the money for you.

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