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Exciting Electric Bike Features To Make Your Work Commute Go Green

Eating right and exercising should always be a priority in life. This is true for everyone; not just some people. There are so many different ways to get fit. While a gym membership and a Fitbit may be the best idea for some people, others like yourself prefer to incorporate exercise into everyday routines. Thankfully, electric bikes make that possible. If you are looking for an electric bike to get healthy on your ride to work, keep reading to learn what electric bike features you should be looking out for.

Pedal Assist

Pedal assist is one of the main reasons consumers buy electric bikes. Make sure any options you are considering have pedal assist features. This is a useful tool that can help you make it uphill easier. But, if you plan on buying an electric bike for health reasons, you also want to be sure that you can turn pedal assist off completely. Try to find electric bike companies that feature multiple levels of pedal assist technology. This way, you can get healthy without breaking a sweat when it is inconvenient.


The best electric bikes are weatherproof, just like Toughbooks laptops. This is definitely something you want if you are using your electric bike as your main mode of transportation. After all, everyone knows that water and electronics do not mix well. You do not want to have to worry about a sudden downpour ruining your expensive piece of transportation technology. If an electric bike is not waterproof or weatherproof, you may want to second guess your purchase.


Battery life is something you need to consider when buying an electric bike for transportation. This is particularly true if you have a long commute to work that you plan to use your bike for. Battery capacity and range may be one of the most important considerations when looking for an electric bicycle. You want to be certain that you will not be left stranded on some dark roadside, forced to walk your bike all the way home. That is why you need to consider the battery range of top electric bicycles you are deciding between.

Mobile App

Some electric bicycles offer a mobile app for users. This is by no means a required feature. However, it is certainly a nice perk if you are interested in tracking bike workouts as you go.  These smart bikes make it easy to monitor battery life, track workouts and even find your stolen bike. If you love smart gadgets, look for electric bikes with mobile app features.


Bike riders who love to ride at night will need to consider their preferences when shopping for electric bikes. Some of the top electric bikes include a headlight for riders like you. Others include bike headlights as an add-on feature only. Obviously, that will cost you more money. This is something to consider if you are trying to save money.

If you are interested in buying a smart bike or other type of electric bicycle, you need to have an idea of which features you consider “must-have” and which you could do without, just as you would when choosing a printer for your home office. Allow this post to help you out. Consider these popular electric bike features above when you are shopping for your new toy. This way, you can buy an exercise bike that fits your budget and meets the demands of your busy lifestyle.

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