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Essential Network Troubleshooting Tools For All System Admins

Systems administrators like yourself are required to complete a whole laundry list of different tasks. Network troubleshooting is perhaps one of the most frustrating responsibilities of the position. Thankfully, there is network troubleshooting software that can help simplify the task. Here are the top network troubleshooting tools that every sysadmin should have in their arsenal.


Iperf is one of the network diagnostics tools used by all the pros. You can use the software to measure throughput, packet loss and jitter. This makes it much easier to troubleshoot bandwidth issues. Iperf supports both TCP and UDP, meaning you can use it for a variety of issues, as well. Consider Iperf software one of the essential tools for system admins of all experience levels.


Wireshark is a protocol analysis software that simplifies the process of troubleshooting complicated network issues. This can be a lifesaver for system administrators in their time of need. Wireshark software can be positioned on a network switch through port mirroring. This allows you to collect specific data for individual network services when needed. You can also use the protocol analyzer software to deploy protocol analyzers with the ability to capture a significantly wide range of data within commercial networks. This is must have network troubleshooting solution for sysadmins in a corporate environment.

Switch Port Mapper

Switch Port Mapper is a useful port-wise device connectivity tool for network switches. This can help you troubleshoot high traffic issues much more easily. The network monitoring software provides the MAC address, IP address and DNS names of all devices connected to a particular switch. If you have had to trouble shoot high traffic issues, you know how valuable this is. Make sure you are familiar with Switch Port Mapper software for the next time these problems arise.


Netstat, short for Network Statistics, is a tool that displays incoming and outgoing network connections and routing tables. In addition, the utility allows you insight into a number of other network interface statistics. The Netstat tool is incredibly helpful for finding problems on a network, as well as determining the amount of network traffic as a means of measuring performance. This is a fundamental network troubleshooting tool that is apart of the Network + exam. You would be wise to familiarize yourself with it, regardless of whether or not you work with Integer computers.


SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset is one of the most reliable set of network troubleshooting tools to identify the source of any issue. The Toolset software has over sixty features to help with networking monitoring, network diagnostics, discovery and configuration as well as SNMP traps. Sysadmins can use SolarWinds for systems management processes too, thanks to the Ping Sweep, DNS Analyzer and TraceRoute utilities. If you want to use one of the most comprehensive, reliable network troubleshooting solutions, SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset is one of the best ones to consider.

If you are system administrator, particularly one just starting out, there are some fundamental network troubleshooting tools that you should definitely have in your arsenal once you know the subsystem definition. Download the network diagnostics tools mentioned above. These software solutions are sure to simplify your work day, every day. You will not regret giving them a try.

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