Thursday , 27 February 2020

5 Must-Have Features In A Data Scraping Tool

For many jobs and industries, data scraping tools are an easy way to locate and view information. The tool locates critical information on a website and presents the data to you in an easy-to-follow manner. This can make extracting contact info, acquiring data for analysis, or tracking prices in the market a simple process. As a first-time data scarper, you might wonder what separates a good data scrapper form a bad one. The market is filled with free and premium data scraping programs offering a range of services. Read on for the must have features for a good data scraping tool.

Web Crawling

A good internet data scaping tool should have web crawling functionality. This means that the scraping tool can monitor websites and update the data its scrapping in real time. This internet monitoring could be invaluable if you want a sense of the changing data on a single site over time. Good web crawlers will be able to juggle this from multiple sources, giving you a comprehensive look of the data on display. Web crawling is an important innovation in data scraping tools that yours should have.


The ability to build a sitemap can make your data scraping tool more effective. A sitemap creates an outline of how the data is stored in the site. This lets you figure out how to navigate it more efficiently. It also lets you identify the specific data you want, saving you time. Data scrapping is a process that can take a long time, since many sites have protection against it. A sitemap can ensure that your time is not wasted frivolously.

Code-Free Interface

It is essential that your data scraping tool offer an interface that does not require you to code. The whole point to data scrapping is to analyze information from a website without having to go into code. It also saves time and money so that you don’t have to hire a coder. Having to code as part of this would not only take too much time, it would increase the chance of error. Having a code-free interface will ensure that the program does the hard work, leaving you free to study the data and work on more important things. A good interface is critical to a good data scraping tool.

Multiple Scrapers

A good data scraping tool should be able to handle multiple websites at once. It should have enough bandwidth to handle 10 scrapers at a single time. In data scraping, bulk collection is very important. To have enough data to do analyzation, you’ll need to scrape a lot of website’s data. Being able to pull data more multiple places at once saves you time building this data. Multiple scrapers will let you divide your computers processing power over several collection points.


While your data scraping tool is working, it should ensure that you can’t be identified as your doing this. Most websites want to prevent data scrapers from taken their sensitive data. If they identify your computer, they may try to ban you from the site. In a way, it’s a little like identity theft protection. As a result, your data scarper needs protection against this. The easiest on is for the data scraping tool to produce a proxy as it works, which will prevent identification. Data scraping is best done anonymously, make sure your tool can protect you.

A data scrapping tool should have certain features to work right. It should offer you web crawling for real time data collection. The tool should use a sitemap to identify the data you want to use. Ensure the tool has a code-free interface for ease of use. Your tool should also have multiple scrapers, so you can collect data for multiple sources at once. Finally, you tool should protect your identity from reprisal online. If the tool your considering has these features, it will serve all your data scraping needs.

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