Monday , 14 October 2019

Top 5 Features of SendPulse Bulk Email Sender Software

A reliable bulk email sending software should be managed carefully. With powerful tools, you have increased responsibility. These software can either be used to benefit your company or cause damage with email scams. Of course, IT professionals can try all different types of email software. However, there are established software providers that you can rely on to email bulk messages safely and effectively. In this post, we will cover the top features of SendPulse email sender software.

Customizable Templates

First and foremost, your emails should be formatted professionally. When your subscribers read an email, your presentation, design and layout all impact their impression of your brand. The SendPulse platform has a user-friendly editor. You can simply drag and drop from hundreds of professional templates. Right from the start, you will give your email template design a huge design upgrade. Additionally, the templates are already included with the email sending software.

Send Up To 100,000 Emails

Have a huge email list? You probably don’t want to wait days to schedule emails for sending. Rather, the SendPulse SMTP has the capacity to send over 100,000 emails per hour. That means, you can send high volumes of emails in a relatively short period. The software integrates a dedicated IP address to protect your security against bad neighbors or blacklisting. Moreover, the SMTP server can integrate into almost any platform, using PHP, Ruby, Python or other common languages. The increased sending capacity gives your IT department the flexibility to meet almost any number of emails per month.

List Management & Segmentation

Next, the SendPulse email sender offers the power to manage huge subscriber lists. Depending on your team’s needs, you can segment lists into paid customers, leads or new users. Undoubtedly, the list management feature gives you increased control over your email message targeting. With options for gender, geographic location and interests, your lists can be as detailed or broad reaching as needed. As a reminder, it is up to you to make the most of these powerful email sending tools available to you.

Email Reporting

The best bulk email software include email monitoring and reporting. With a robust reporting interface, SendPulse displays unique statistics. You can draw valuable insights about your emails by tracking open rates, click rates and click charts. Moreover, your IT team can fix any error statistics to find any non-active email accounts. Of course, this level of reporting is an important feature for data-driven decision making. With all the available bulk email sending reports, you can improve your overall performance.

Artificial Intelligence Automation

Following the next wave of automation trends technology, bulk email senders like SendPulse now include artificial intelligence. This technology allows you to create triggers, events, workflows and goals. Once implemented, the software can automatically follow up on subscribers who have not opened emails, clicked on actions or completed goals. The level of advanced automation increases open rates and conversions. While some email software allow you to send emails, the better software will integrate highly advanced automation. As a result, you will achieve higher engagement with the same amount of effort.

When looking for a bulk email sender, consider these top features. As a bulk email service, the SendPulse software platform provides quality templates, fast spending, high success rates and advanced reporting. Most importantly, you should have the ability to automate and follow up with select subscribers to increase your engagement. When using bulk email sender software correctly, the results can be outstanding for your subscriber list.

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