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How To Find PC Tech Support That Won’t Scam You

If you have been scammed by a PC tech support offer, we feel your pain. As a novice PC user, you just want to get your systems working so you can get on with your work. Even for the most advanced PC users with overclocking CPUs, tech support can be very helpful to solve problems. In either cases, all PC users should be weary of PC tech support scams and choose only the most reputable established providers.

Identify The Problem

Before contacting tech support, you should take the time to figure out what is the actual problem. Is your sound system not working? Or, did you just click the mute button. Do a quick internet search on your issue before contacting a professional PC support tech. You might find simple solutions to IT problems like your computer being too slow or your printer not working. On top of that, you will learn a little bit a long the way and have a better idea of what to tell the support tech if the issue is unresolved.

Check PC Tech Support Prices

Sometimes, deals that are too good to be true are actually terrible. While you might get someone to fix your computer for absolutely free, it will cost you in the long run. Many PC tech support scams promise to fix your computer. And, they do. In the process, they install unwanted software and programs that can compromise your security and require lifelock support. Thus, your pricing should be fair for an IT expert to earn a fair living helping PC users fix their computers.

Manufacturer Tech Support

Depending on the type of computer purchased, you might have a free PC tech support package with your warranty. Many of these PC tech support departments have long wait lines and require product verification. However, once you have got a qualified technician on the call, they can be very helpful and professional. Best of all, working directly with a manufacturer gives you assurance that the person helping you is a professions. To avoid scams, you must ensure that you are contacting the PC manufacturer directly. Otherwise another company could pose as a “certified partner” that might not be helpful at all.

Verify PC Technical Reviews

If you do find a third party tech support provider, check their reviews on all the major platforms. Most commonly, good PC tech support companies have several reviews on the BBB website, reviews online and some media or press. In addition, you should be able to see real reviews on their work, level of expertise and overall customer satisfaction. If the support company has a strong track record, it is far less likely they are trying to scam you.

Ask The Support Tech To Explain

When talking to PC support technicians, ask them to explain exactly what they will be doing. If you are going to give them access to your computer, will you be able to watch their actions? How long will it take to diagnose the problem? Will any additional software need to be installed? Odds are, if the technician is patient enough to answer your questions, they do care about your overall customer experience and satisfaction. In fact, the best PC technicians will give you mini business cards so that you can call them and refer more customers too. Their focus will be on educating you and building a relationship over the long run, not just to make a quick fix.

Of course, most PC tech support scams will do their best to look official and professional. You can never be 100% secure. However, these steps can help you avoid a tech support scam. Most importantly, you will be able to find a quality tech support professional who can help you remotely or in-person. These are great ways to get the help you need to fix a computer or file system that needs troubleshooting.

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