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Free Alternative Yesware Chrome Extensions For Personal Email Tracking


Yesware Chrome is an email tracking extension developed by Google. This extension, which costs between $12 and $55 per user per month, is designed to help sales teams and businesses track their email engagement. It provides analytics, centralized billing and team template sharing and reporting. However at its core, Yesware provides a coveted service for businesses and individuals alike: email tracking. With Yesware, you can see when and where your email was opened, so that you know when to expect a response. If you want to utilize this simple service for personal use without paying enterprise pricing, you are in luck. There are a variety of free Yesware Chrome alternatives that you can use. Below, we have listed 4 of them.

Email For Salespeople

Before we even start presenting you with alternatives, do you really even need Yesware? Yesware is known as the email for salespeople. With this Google Chrome extension for email, you can use templates to customize common messages with dateadd capabilities and more. You will never again have to copy and paste the exact same email fifteen times. The handy compose toolbar keeps email at your fingertips, no matter what web page you are currently browsing. In addition, you can know when and where your intended email recipient opened your message. If you work in sales, these features are indefensible. Let’s look at some alternatives that perform similar tasks.


MailTrack is a simplified email tracking app that lets you know when your messages have been read and received. This extension is designed specifically for Gmail accounts. It is available for both Chrome and Firefox web browsers, and is also compatible with the latest Windows anniversary updates. The basic version, which is completely free, has a few limitations. However, tracking is unlimited. For the complete experience, MailTrack charges just $4 per month, which is a fraction of the cost of Yesware. Whether or not you choose to pay for the service, MailTrack is an excellent extension for the everyday email user.


RocketBolt is another Windirstat alternative email tracking extension that tells you exactly when your emails have been opened. Unlike MailTrack, RocketBolt limits the number of emails that can be tracked for a free account to just 100. However, you will also get full Gmail integration for Chrome and a data engine that can provide you with immediate information about your contacts. The pro and premium versions of Rocketbolt surpass even Yesware’s cost at $39 and $79, respectively. If you use RocketBolt, you are going to want to stick with the free version, so make sure 100 emails per month is enough for your needs.


MixMax is exactly what you need to organize your email account as simply as operating a top taxi app. Their free plan provides you with 100 tracked emails per month as well as 10 scheduled emails. The scheduled emails are a popular feature to this extension. After composing an email, you can choose to have it send after a specified time of hours, days or even a whole week. You can also mark a specific time to send it, which means that you never forget to reply on time again. Alongside the scheduling, their email tracking feature holds up among the competition with alerts about when and how many times your sent mail has been opened by the recipient.


Boomerang is famed for its reminders. If you have trouble keeping track of your daily email tasks, this extension could be your solution. Like Yesware, Boomerang is designed for Gmail. Their free account gives you access to response tracking, read receipts and an option to schedule emails. For $5 per month, you can upgrade to a personal account to gain mobile access and email notes. However, you can still get an excellent deal for free with Boomerang.

Other Chrome Extensions

If you really want to make the most out of your Yesware Chrome extension, or whichever alternative you settled on, there are several other popular Chrome extensions you should download that do not require you to invest in bitcoin sectors just to pay for them. One of the best extensions to consider, whether you are a student, business professional or stay at home parent, is WiseStamp.


WiseStamp Chrome extension is used to make an email signature that impresses every one of your email recipients. The extension allows you to create an email signature with a headshot and links to social media profiles. It even allows users to design their own formatting. So, you can make your signature exactly what you want it to look like. It will only take a minute or two to design an email signature with social media profile links and a headshot. You should definitely consider using it to further improve the impact of your Yesware alternative extensions.

Yesware email tracking is an excellent tool for businesses, especially when used in conjunction with Wrike. However, individuals can get just as much use out of similar extensions. These top four free email tracking extensions are perfect for anyone who needs to keep their emails organized.

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