Wednesday , 8 July 2020

How To Pick The Best Gamer Mouse For Fastest Response Times

Gamers need the absolute best gaming equipment if they want to win, including much more than just high-quality workstation computers. The best technology produces the best reaction times, which is essential in FPS games and many other RPGs. If you are a gamer, you know this better than anyone else. Finding the right gaming mouse is crucial if you want to beat out all those gamer n00bs on your server. Learn how to find the best gamer mouse for your needs by considering these crucial gaming mouse features detailed below.

Dots Per Inch

Dots per inch, or DPI, is one of the most important gamer mouse features to consider when shopping. The DPI level of your mouse indicates the mouse sensitivity. Higher DPI makes for a more sensitive mouse. It moves more with less movement of your hand. Lower DPI indicates the opposite – a less sensitive reaction. It requires more mouse movement to move the mouse smaller amounts. When shopping for a gaming mouse, you want to give great consideration to the mouse dots per inch if you want to pick the best gaming mouse possible.

Polling Rate

Polling rates are another important gaming mouse feature for hopeful champions to keep in mind. A gaming mouses polling rate refers to the frequency with which your mouse reports positioning to the computer. High polling rate mouses report back to the computer much more frequently. But, they also require much more computing power in order to receive all that data so frequently. In some cases, like if you have a low performance computer, lower polling rates may be better. Regardless, this is a feature you need to consider when buying a gamer mouse.

Wireless Or Wired

Gamers must also consider whether they want to buy a gaming mouse that is wireless or wired. Most computer users prefer wireless everything nowadays, which is why i60 features are so popular. However, this may not be best for computer gaming. Computer gamers may find themselves frustrated by the increased latency in wireless mouse communications with the computer. Or, you may find yourself encumbered by a short, unsightly cord on wired gaming mouses. Make sure to consider your own preferences to determine whether wireless gaming mouses or wired varieties are better suited for your computer gaming goals.

Gamer Grip

Computer gamers need to figure out what type of mouse grip they use most often when gaming. There are three different types of mouse grips that are used by computer gamers like you. These three different computer gaming grips include the palm grip, claw grip and finger grip. Some grips are better suited to certain types of games. Regardless, figure out what type of mouse grip you use most often. Then, you should consider this in your search for the best gamer mouse. The best gaming mouse will be the one that best accommodates your type of gaming grip.


The programmable buttons included on some gamer mice options should also be considered in your search for the best computer gaming equipment. The best computer gaming setup will be comfortable and enjoyable for you. Some types of gaming mice include programmable buttons that you can turn to hot keys for certain in-game actions. For many gamers, these buttons go unused. However, the best computer gamers know that these programmable mouse buttons can make the difference between a kill streak and losing a match. If you want to create the best computer gaming experience, make sure to consider whether or not you need a computer mouse that includes buttons for customized programming.

If you are a computer gamer, you understand the importance of having the best gaming setup with the best electronic toys. The best computer gaming setup includes having the best gaming mouse for your FPS games or RPG programs. It must fit your particular gaming needs in order to be the best. That means you have to consider all the different factors that will affect your computer gaming experience. When shopping for the best gamer mouse, consider the features detailed above. These gaming mouse features will help you identify the mouse that helps you become the best gamer you can possibly be. That way, you can wreck any n00b that crosses your path in-game.

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