Monday , 19 August 2019

How The Google Places API Helps Developers Create Responsive Apps

Google Places is an extremely useful tool for business owners. The Google Places API, on the other hand, is a useful tool for app developers. But, you need to know what it can do if you are going to consider using the platform. There are several benefits that you can experience if you choose to work using this interface, whether you are developing an oscilloscope app or a new social media platform. Find out all about the Google Places API below.


The Google Places API for mobile allows you to provide your users information about their surroundings. The location awareness features of Google Places lets you develop an app that gives users contextual info about their location at any given time. That means users can find things to do or places to eat or gas up all within your app. It allows you to benefit from the extensive Google Places listings without having to source that data yourself. Clearly, this makes life as a developer much easier.


This Google API also makes it possible for your app users to conduct searches about businesses or other points of interest. In fact, they can search from every screen within your app. That is, if you choose to develop with the Google Places API. App users are always looking for easy. on-demand access to rich information. Use Google Places when developing apps, and you can make sure to meet those needs.


Using the Places API allows you to offer users autocomplete features for searches and other text-input. These autocomplete features utilize extensive Google Places data to inform their suggestions. That helps you make your app much more user-friendly. It also helps you provide more accurate autocomplete suggestions to users. If you want to easily incorporate autocomplete text features in an app, the Places API from Google is one way to do it.

Places Library

Google Places Library is an additional Google Places API option to consider. The Places Library is available within the Google Maps Javascript API. It provides developers, from Eagle Eye and elsewhere, with up-to-date information about millions of places and locations. This makes it an extremely useful tool to consider. Just be sure to consider what types of features you would like to offer your app users to determine whether or not the Google Places Library tool is enough for your project.

Places Web

The Google Places API Web Service is another development tool offered under the umbrella of Google Places APIs. The web service variety offers up-to-date information about millions of locations, just like the Places Library. However, it is best used for web applications. This is different from the Google Places API for iOS or Android, which allows you to connect your mobile app users with information about those places. If you are developing a web app, this is the Google Places API for you.

Developing is much easier when you take advantage of the many development tools available online, regardless of whether you are developing another iFax app or a new type of program entirely. The Google Places API is one such tool that really makes it so much easier for app developers to create responsive apps that allow users access to the location information they need and want. Now that you have learned more about the Google APIs, do you think you will considering using these development tools? Let us know in the comments below.

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