Friday , 26 February 2021

5 Considerations For Using Group Collaboration Apps On Mobile Devices

App users are familiar with group collaboration software, whether on a computer or a mobile device. Group collaboration apps must be able to operate properly on an abundance of iPhones, Androids, and popular budget phones. These apps typically have a combination of communication, project & task management and file sharing tools. In the area of communication specifically, group collaboration apps on mobile devices have been popular for years. Tasks like checking emails, participating in chats and attending virtual conferences on mobile devices are commonplace for app users. The demand for group collaboration apps on mobile devices has grown, due in part, to more flexible work schedules. This is great news for the “on-the-go” app users who are not always in front of a computer. If you are a user of group collaboration apps on mobile devices, read on for important considerations.

Operating System Compatibility

In all likelihood, your company has already adopted group collaboration apps. If they are apps from one of the premier software companies, then there is a good chance that the apps support both Android and iOS platforms. However, the popularity of group collaboration apps on mobile devices has developers and designers struggling to keep pace with the demand. As such, group collaboration apps on mobile devices may only be available for one operating system. App users should be proactive and verify the operating system compatibility before the need arises to use group collaboration apps on mobile devices.


Group collaboration apps on mobile devices are not all created equal when it comes to ease-of-use. Ease of use is essential on mobile devices like iPhone, Androids, and tablets to boost productivity.  If you are an app user, you know how different the experience can be from desktop to mobile. When it comes to using a group collaboration app on mobile devices, many apps have limited functionality compared to their desktop counterparts. The best platforms allow you to work seamlessly across devices. This can have a major impact on your work life balance. Since you can offload tasks from your computer, you can spend more time collaborating on the go. There are several options to consider when evaluating the ease-of-use for group collaboration apps on mobile devices.

Set Your Online Status

Highly utilized collaboration apps give you the ability set your availability status. The hazy lines between business and personal time have caused some private businesses and governments to take action. Some app users may know companies that have gone as far as restricting email activity to normal business hours only. Similarly, countries and U.S. state governments are following this lead. New York City, for instance, recently introduced a bill called the “Right to Disconnect.” Consider the apps that allow you to clearly indicate when you are available or offline.

Advanced Security Measures

Widely used group collaboration apps are a primary target of phishing attacks. Hackers are skilled at spoofing an identity to gain access to credentials through many apps. If you currently share logins and sensitive details through chat or forum apps, you will need a platform with advanced security. Your group collaboration app should have secure file sharing and information permissions. This way, you can actively track unauthorized access right from your mobile device.

App Intergrations

Mobile group apps provide many integrations for enhanced collaboration. Whether you need to text, send a file or send group updates, these apps allow you to do it in one place. This is possible with integrations across several channels. Test out apps that integrate multiple channels of messaging, voice and sharing. Moreover, some apps will integrate with several other mobile platforms including CRM, Accounting and Projects. This drastically improves your ability to collaborate with in a group setting.

Users of group collaboration apps on mobile devices have many ways to stay connected with their teams. These applications are essential to operate on mobile devices like Apple iPhones and Androids. Compatible operating systems and ease-of-use are key to successful collaboration. Having the convenience of working from your phone necessitates the ability to set your online status for a work-life balance. App users know that software that promotes collaboration is often targeted by hackers. Integrations with other platforms can improve group collaboration. If you are a user of group collaboration apps on mobile devices, consider the points outlined in this post.

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