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Simple Hacks To Solve Bad Mobile Reception

These days, our mobile phones are the fastest and most accessible way to communicate with each other. This now ranges from personal messages such as family and friends to business purposes such as closing deals or updating team members. Whether your main form of contact is SMS, phone calls or chats (relying on data center connection), you need good cell service coverage. Here are the simplest and best ways to get the signal boost you need.

Go Outside

Entering a commercial building generally results in a poorer signal than when outdoors. Some structures aren’t mobile service coverage-friendly, hampering reception to the point of no reception at all. This can be caused by several factors from the design of the building to the distance from a cell tower. Stepping outside means less obstruction so your phone can catch signal faster. If staying outdoors is out of the option, such as in the case of rain or too much heat, you can move closer to a window through which coverage can pass better.

Change How You Hold Your Phone

You may not know it but the way you hold your phone when you send a text or answer a call could be blocking your phone’s antenna. Find out where in the phone it was built into. Study the manual, go online or ask the manufacturer. Knowing its location allows you to adjust your hand’s placement accordingly. Take extra caution: some phone’s are known to have poorer reception because of bad design like having the antenna placed where the hand should be when holding the device. Before purchasing a gadget, look up reviews online and ask opinions from people you know who own the same model. It will save you a ton of inconveniences, especially from having to buy a replacement.

Choose A Good Phone Provider

Sometimes, the problem isn’t in the phone but in the phone service company. Good reception is still one of the ways these firms vie for the market’s patronage in the sharing economy. Find out if any of the service providers in your country or area is known for good cell coverage. Take note there are some brands that do well in specific locations than in others. This could be due to the concentration of their cell towers.

Reset The Phone

Your phone could be having trouble switching from one tower to the next. Despite being closer to a specific one, it may still be connected to another that’s more distant. Switching to the closest tower should be automatic but it’s not always the case. If this your phone’s issue, it’s nothing to worry about since it’s an easy fix on regular and rooted phones. You can easily reset the phone by switching it to airplane mode then back or restarting it.

Use A Signal Booster

If you travel frequently or are located where phone coverage is weak, you might want to consider using this machine. It works by catching a strong signal which your phone wouldn’t normally be able to sense and then emitting it. It’s a good investment, particularly if your work takes you to certain areas where you can’t be assured of satisfactory phone signal. It’s also a recommended asset for frequent travelers who prefer to go to less urbanized areas.

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