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Top Higher Education Technology Conference Choices For IT Executives

If you are an IT executive in higher education, it is not simple keeping on top of the latest tech trends. However, there are technology conferences tailored to your particular audience that can certainly help you learn about all the newest technology developments at one simple event. Attending a higher education technology conference may be the simplest and most effective way to bring the latest technology to your university or college. Keep reading below to learn about the top higher education technology conferences around for you to consider.

ISTE Conference & Expo 2017

The ISTE 2017 Conference and Expo is often said to be one of the best edTech conferences for educators and IT professionals, alike. ISTE is also one of the largest and most interactive ed tech expos in the world. This higher ed technology conference typically has over 15,000 education professionals attend. If you want to learn all about technology charged learning, head to the ISTE conference in San Antonio, Texas at the end of June 2017.

AECT International Convention

The AECT International Convention is another higher education technology conference for IT professionals to consider. This year’s convention theme is “Leading Learning for Change.” The annual convention is put on by the Association for Educational for Educational Communications and Technology. This will definitely help you learn more than how to create PowerPoints online. If you want a chance to listen to knowledgeable keynote lecturers and take place in enlightening workshops, consider the AECT 2017 Convention.

Higher Education Technology Conference & Expo

The Higher Education Technology Conference is named appropriately. It is also another higher ed tech conference you may want to consider. This year’s conference has over 3 speakers, 200 higher ed leaders, professionals and educators and 10 partner organizations. The Higher Ed Technology Conference and Expo is a daylong event in Bangalore that is an excellent professional development event for any educator to consider.

Campus Technology 2017

The Campus Technology conference is yet another opportunity for IT executives at institutes of higher learning to consider. Just like Skoool. You will find technology solutions for education to try out, like those for assistive learning technologies, campus cards/building access management and facilities safety and curriculum instructional development tools. This is, perhaps, one of the most comprehensive technology conferences for educators to attend.


The BETT conference has over 30,000 attendees from around the world that come together in order to learn more about how to create a better future by transforming education. If you do not mind traveling to London, take the trip. You can attend a school leaders summit or a higher education leaders summit and attend keynotes tailored to you in the learn live high education course of events. If you want to have access to the global education developments, consider attending BETT higher education technology conference.

If you are an IT professional responsible for IT management in higher education, consider attending one, or all, of the higher edtech conferences mentioned above. These technology and education conferences will help you to keep your university on the cutting edge of technology, which will surely help you make a name for yourself in your field. We cannot promise it will help you learn about the latest tech fad that will be storming your campuses, like the airwheel. However, it will certainly benefit your entire institution. If you have attended any of the higher ed tech conventions mentioned above, let us know what you though about them in the comments.

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