Sunday , 23 February 2020

5 iPhone Recycling Options For A Better Planet

Numerous consumers clutter their homes with old iPhones, not realizing that they can recycle them. As a tech enthusiast with old iPhones, you should consider iPhone recycling options. On top of tidying up your home, you can also take part in bettering the planet. Many recycling options for smartphones are environmentally friendly. Others profit you as a consumer. Regardless of why you wish to recycle your iPhone, you should understand all of your options. Read on to learn the best iPhone recycling options for a better planet.

Apple’s GiveBack Program

The most popular iPhone recycling option is Apple’s GiveBack Program. You can take your old iPhone to your local Apple store and recycle it for free. Apple will gladly take any old iPhone. Whether your phone is broken or fully functioning, they will recycle it to the best of their abilities. Apple may even give you store credit in exchange for a working phone. They also have recycling strategies for broken phones that result in reusing the working parts. The company built a recycling robot named Daisy that carefully disassembles iPhones for re-purposing. Although you may not get anything in return for your dysfunctional device, you can enhance efforts to improve the environment with this iPhone recycling option.

Amazon Trade-In

Amazon also has an iPhone recycling option that assists in bettering the environment. Similar to Apple’s program, Amazon’s trade-in plan offers tech enthusiasts like yourself Amazon credit. To kick start the process, Amazon asks a few questions about the type of phone you want to trade in and its functionality. If your iPhone is in great condition, you will receive a pre-paid package label to send it in. Then, you can obtain your store credit. The amount of credit depends on the condition of your phone. If it has a cracked screen, the price will diminish. Keep this in mind when taking advantage of this iPhone recycling option.

Carrier Trade-In

Your wireless carrier acts as another trade-in option for iPhone recycling. Majority of wireless carriers offer similar programs as Apple and Amazon. You can receive money for your old phone. Once again, the amount will depend on how well you took care of your phone. If it has an issue that can be easily fixed, you will receive more than if it cannot be repurposed. As with Apple, you can use the money as store credit to upgrade. Rather than walking away with money, you can leave the store with a newer iPhone. You might even discover a good smartphone that is a better fit for your needs. Either way, you profit from this iPhone recycling option and so does the planet.

Use As A Clock

Tech enthusiasts with iPhones that still function can re-purpose them into clocks. As long as your phone is no longer on your wireless plan, you can use it as a clock without paying for service. You can purchase a phone stand to place your clock on your living room side table. With little-to-no effort, you can create a convenient, digital clock. You can take it a step further and use your old iPhone as an alarm clock. Since the clock feature on iPhones is built-in to the devices themselves, you can use them without being part of a wireless plan. If all goes well, you could develop a new idea off of this one. As a result, you could transform a tech idea into a successful business. Consider the practical and creative possibilities this iPhone recycling option offers you.

Transform Into A Video Doorbell

Lastly, get even more creative with iPhone recycling by using old phones as home security tools. If you already have an outdoor Wi-Fi webcam or a smart doorbell, you can easily create a video doorbell system with an old iPhone. Connect your phone to either already-installed system. Then, use the phone to consistently monitor the outside of your home from inside it. You can achieve the same security you would get with a video doorbell without having to purchase one. After all, digital cameras can be costly. Simultaneously save yourself from spending unnecessary money and the planet from harmful waste with this creative iPhone recycling idea.

Put your old iPhones to good use with available iPhone recycling options. One option includes trading your phone for Apple store credit. Amazon provides a similar service that offers monetary value for functioning iPhones. Likewise, you can exchange your phones for money at your local wireless carrier store. If your phone’s condition allows it, you can use it as a clock or alarm clock. Finally, transform any old, functioning iPhone into a video doorbell for optimal home security. These are all great iPhone recycling options that benefit the planet and your wallet.









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