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Common iPhone Spyware Impacts User Privacy In Frightening Ways

Android and iPhone spyware is much more common today than it was even just two or three years ago. Spyware apps have flooded these app stores. The widespread availability of this invasive spyware technology is frightening to many tech users. You may be one of these worried smartphone users. If you are worried about spyware software, learn more about the impact of this invasive technology below. It may add to your worries, but it will also help you protect yourself.

Job Loss

Spyware can cause you to lose your job. This is a frightening prospect for tech users, even if you use a mobile VoIP. Unfortunately, it happened to one woman already. Julie Amero was a substitute teacher in Connecticut before spyware pop-ups cost her her job. Spyware programs on her laptop caused semi-pornographic images to appear in pop-ups. Her students saw these images and told their parents, who demanded that the district act. She was arrested, tried and lost both her job and her substitute teaching certification. Obviously, this is an unlikely effect of spyware. Regardless, it is still one of the most serious effects spyware can have on individual lives.

Slows Your System Down

The most common impact spyware apps have is that they slow your system down. This is true for both iPhone sypware apps and spyware infected PCs. Spyware makes registry entries constantly. This is because the spyware program is tracking every single thing you do. Then, this leads to your device having a ton of records to comb through each time it has to scan the registry. Registry scanning is required at many different times during a single session. That bogs your system down and makes your computer experience slower and slower the longer you have spyware on your device. This is one of the most common concerns for those with devices infected with spyware.

Compromises Accounts

All types of spyware can lead to your bank accounts being compromised. This is a very real possibility when the hackers have access to your every keystroke. Once they have your bank account information, they can easily transfer funds. This can wreak havoc on your personal finances. If you also happen to be a business owner, this can be devastating to your entire enterprise supply chain. Obviously, this is something you want to avoid. Understanding the risk spyware apps pose to your personal financial well-being is crucial to preventing these types of cyber intrusions.

Privacy Violations

Smartphone spyware can lead to critical violations of user privacy. Your probably carry your phone with you all the time. While you do, iPhone spyware programs are tracking your every screen tap and keystroke. This recorded data can give cyber criminals access to your most private personal information, including financial details and passwords. Now, with fingerprint scanners and face-recognition features these privacy violations are a much graver danger. This is one of the consequences of this criminal technology that you definitely want to protect yourself from.


Finally, enough malicious spyware activity had a lasting impact that was beneficial to tech users like you. The SPY BLOCK Act was signed into law in 2004. It is also known as the Software Principles Yielding Better Levels of Consumer Knowledge Act. This legislation made it illegal for software that tracks user behavior to be downloaded without a user’s consent. Ultimately, it makes spyware, adware and other malicious malware illegal. While this may not prevent people from hacking you, it will make it possible for you to strike back. Just like divorce settlements, you can fight to get compensation in the courts. This law is one of the few beneficial impacts of spyware technology on the country.

If you own a smartphone or any other technology, you need to be aware of the impact spyware programs can have on your life and society at-large. These malicious programs track all your data. A single iPhone spyware app can cause your computer to slow down at best. At its worst, it can cause you to lose your job, get money stolen or worse. These privacy invasions are definitely something you want to prevent. The first step to spyware prevention is to know what the effects of the technology are. Keep this in mind when trying to protect your technology from spyware and other malware programs.

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