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iRig For Android Review: Is The Stompbox App Worth The Money?

Musicians who are lucky enough to have an iPhone have had access to one of the best audio effects apps available on the mobile market. However, Android-wielding musicians have not been quite so lucky. Thankfully, for those Android users out there, the wait for iRig for Android is over. But does the Android version of iRig live up to the hype? Read our iRig for Android review below to find out if you are a techie who is more likely to host a jam session than a JAD session.

What Is iRig?

In case you do not already know, iRig is an interface for your iPhone or other mobile device. This interface allows you to plug an instrument, like a guitar, straight into your phone or tablet. The iRig is used alongside the AmpliTube app to turn your mobile device into a portable stompbox. The iRig app allows you to select from a wide variety of amp types and other audio effects to produce the music you have had bouncing around in your head. If this sounds like a product you need, keep reading below to find out how the Android iRig stacks up to the Apple version.

Sound Quality

iRig for Android is one of the best amp simulation apps for Android when it comes to representational sound quality. The effects produced from the AmpliTube app are not quite as good as the real deal. However, they are definitely some of the best produced by a music production app. They are also incredibly effective for small gigs or jam sessions with friends. If you do not expect the same quality you would get from boutique tube amps, you will definitely be satisfied with the sound quality offered by the Android iRig app.


The iRig for Android phones is super lightweight and portable. This is a huge advantage if you plan on using it to lighten your gig bag for casual music sessions with friends. However, this is obviously not the hardware for bigger shows.But if you just want a simple solution that is easy to bring along for those impromptu jam sessions, the iRig hardware is the perfect fit.


Unfortunately, the iRig software for Android is a bit behind the iRig Apple software. This is definitely a drawback for users who are familiar with the iPhone version of the interface. However, if you have not used the iRig and its companion AmpliTube app before, you will not even realize the difference. If you just want to try out the app that iPhone musicians have been raving about for too long, and do care much about the ISPF features, the iRig Android software is sure to do the trick.


iRig for Android does not offer nearly as many customization options as the average musician would like to have at their disposal. However, you can certainly make the app features a little bit more robust if you are willing to shell out some cash for in-app purchases. Unfortunately, if you do not want to pay, you are not going to be able to customize your amp simulations and audio effects. Keep this in mind. This is a pretty considerable drawback for musicians on a budget.

Overall, the iRig Android gadget and app offer a great solution for musicians who want to have a relatively affordable stompbox that is portable and easy to use. iRig for Android may not be the best solution for large gigs, as its customization abilities are lacking. However, if you just want to make casual jam sessions with friends a bit more interesting, consider purchasing the iRig for Android and its companion app, AmpliTube.

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