Thursday , 9 July 2020

Top Linux Cloud Backup Providers To Safegaurd Sensitive Data

Backing up data is one of the most crucial parts of running your own website. Without performing constant data backups, website administrators run the risk of losing months or even years worth of hard work. That is why cloud backup solutions are in such high demand. However, Linux users still suffer from a lack of Linux cloud backup solutions that are compatible with their OS, just as they do with media tracking software. Thankfully if you run a Linux OS to power your website management, this post can help you out. Find out the top Linux cloud backup software in the post below.


ElephantDrive is one of the top cloud backup solutions overall. Luckily for you, they have recently added support for Linux OS systems. This makes it possible for you to use ElephantDrive cloud storage to backup your website data. This particular cloud storage solution even offers a thirty day free trial. This way, you can try it out without having to commit. In addition, they also offer a 2GB account for free. If you plan to use less than 2GB of cloud storage, you may want to use ElephantDrive cloud storage just because it is free. The service also provides mobile access and direct NAS backup. ElephantDrive is definitely worth the money, even if you do have to pay.


CloudBerry Backup is one of the top Cloud storage solutions for Linux. But, it works differently than most other cloud storage providers. With CloudBerry Backup, you get access to a backup software. Then, you wil need to select a low-cost cloud storage provider for Linux to actually store the files you backup. This may seem complicated. However, it can save website administrators quite a bunch of money. It also allows you to customize backup and restoration processes. This is quite a considerable benefit for a website owner who has the technical knowledge it takes to personalize their website operations. If you do not mind the additional hassle of finding two cloud storage providers for Linux, CloudBerry Backup is an excellent solution to consider.


SpiderOak is one of the most popular cloud backup solutions for Linux. This Linux cloud backup service is so beloved because of the security it offers users like you. With SpiderOak, your data is encrypted locally. Then, it gets uploaded to SpiderOak. That offers the highest level of digital security to your website data, far better security than the webcam security you are afforded. Because of the data encryption, even SpiderOak employees cannot access your data. This is a huge advantage, as cyber threats pose a considerable risk for website administrators and online business owners. If you want to afford the highest level of cyber security to your sensitive business data, SpiderOak cloud storage for Linux is the way to go.


CrashPlan cloud backup services afford users unlimited storage space. Obviously, that makes them quite the cloud storage provider deserving of consideration. CrashPlan cloud storage also places no restrictions or limits on accepted file types on the service. You can also stream data from the CrashPlan online portal. That makes accessing your backup data easy no matter where you are. In addition, the service provides file archiving features to make sure you never lose access to important documents and data. CrashPlan cloud storage for Linux also offers top notch data security protocols to protect your website. If you want a comprehensive data backup solution for Linux, CrashPlan is certainly one to consider.


pCloud is the final Linux backup system to make the list. This cloud backup provider includes continuous backup features as well as incremental backup processes. Obviously, this is a considerable benefit for a website owner like yourself who is constantly adding and editing website content. That means that you will need to backup digital data much more frequently, so an automated backup process is incredibly helpful. pCloud storage solutions even offer external drive backup services and NAS backup as well. As with some of the other Linux cloud storage providers featured in this post, pCloud includes versioning tools and private data encryption services. Ultimately, that makes pCloud a comprehensive cloud backup solution for website administrators to consider.

Owning and managing your own website requires you to take care of your data just as well as you manage media monitoring. Data backup solutions need to be used to do that. Without cloud data backup services, your website data could be at risk of corruption or cyber attack. Thankfully, you can use the Linux cloud storage providers detailed above to help you backup website data on your Linux OS. Linux cloud storage solutions are limited. But, there are still some great options out there. Consider the Linux cloud backup services detailed above. These Linux cloud backup solutions are some of the best on the market. They are sure to help you protect your data and grow your online presence for years to come.

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