Thursday , 28 January 2021

5 Micro Influencers Platform Features That Improve Marketing Strategy

Marketing professionals want to find the best micro influencers platform for their digital campaigns. Influencer marketing platforms connect brands with influential content creators. Micro influencers have audiences ranging from 10k to 50k followers. These platforms connect brands with the right marketing partners. Platforms have customizable features and use data to help you maximize your campaign effectiveness. This helps companies improve their brand identity and meet marketing goals. Read on to learn about five features to look for.

Specific Keyword Searches

Micro influencer platforms connect you with potential partners using specific keyword searches. These platforms are built for transparency and easy access. Greater transparency helps you greatly strengthen your marketing strategy. They allow you to search for potential partners using a variety of criteria that is important to your brand. You can filter influencers by their audience size to find a trustworthy influencer with niche interests. Search using keywords to find hashtags used, topics mentioned, and the domains where they are published. These platforms offer users intuitive and specific keyword search options to help connect them with the right micro influencer partners. Micro influencers platforms connect brands with partners using keyword search tools.

Connect Target Audience

Influencer platforms use software that connects you to a target audience. Micro influencer platforms contain large databases with information from over a million users. Larger audiences increase your exposure which simultaneously improves your marketing strategy. Platforms deploy  algorithms that provide you with real-time data updates. Upload all of your data to a micro influencer platform and they will quickly match you with the best influencers for your marketing goals. These app platforms use AI to connect you with micro influencers based on their interests, demographics, and affinities. Micro influencer platforms utilize database software to find and rank influencers for you based on their alignment with your selected audience.

High Engagement Rates

Micro Influencer platforms connect users with influencers who have high engagement rates. This connection greatly improves your overall marketing strategy. Influencer platforms are popular self-serve marketing services. They are often free for both brands and influencers. This makes them widely accessible. The primary focus of more lost-cost platforms is to connect users with micro and nano-influencers. Influencers with smaller followings have higher engagement rates. Nano-influencer’s accounts have at least an 8% engagement rate from their followers. For brands, this means higher conversion rates. A high conversion rate means an increased success rate of their influencer marketing campaign. Micro influencer platforms connect brands with influencers with high engagement rates to improve their marketing campaigns.

Calculate Media Value

Another feature available on influencer platforms are media value calculations. Use a micro influencers platform to calculate your return on investment (ROI) accurately. These platforms use a formula to analyze each influencer’s data and provide media tracking results. They take into account metrics such as sponsored posts and influencer campaigns to calculate an influencers media value. This value is directly related to a company partner’s ROI. Unlike digital ads, influencer content remains online once the campaign ends. This means that impressions and ROI continue to increase months after digital campaigns. Micro influencers platforms use data systems to asses influencer value to estimate a more accurate continued ROI for your campaign.

Authentic Content

Influencer platforms connect you with partners who create authentic content. These partners are experienced and able to improve your overall marketing strategy. Social media algorithms prioritize posts from interactive profiles. This means that this content is often prioritized over content from large accounts and big brands. Influencer platforms connect you with micro-influencers who interact daily with their followers on their content. Many of these platforms use AI to assign each influencer an “integrity quotient” which helps discern the authenticity of their audience. They also let you create campaigns with partners within the platform. This helps you streamline content for your target audience. It also assures that the delivered result is exactly what your brand needs. Micro-influencer platforms help authenticate user content to improve your marketing campaign.

Use a micro influencers platform to improve your brand’s marketing strategy. Media monitoring software allow you to find micro-influencers through specific keyword searches. They use AI software to connect brands to partners who represent their target audience. Platforms analyze influencer data to accurately calculate ROI. They provide a low cost opportunity for brands to find accounts with high engagement rates. They use AI to authenticate influencer audiences. You can also create campaigns with partners directly within the platform itself. Look for these five features in a micro influencers platform to improve your marketing strategy.

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