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5 Micro Learning Development Tips To Create Flawless Training Programs

Developers often get tasked with a wide array of projects. You may not have the knowledge of corporate training best practices like you have of firewall management strategies. However, if you were tasked with developing micro learning training courses, that should not impact the end result of your product. Here are five tips to develop the best micro learning training programs to keep your corporate clients coming back for more.

Stick To A Single Objective

Micro learning is given that name because it focuses on teaching one brief lesson at a time. Make sure that each micro learning lesson you create teaches just one simple concept. Microlearning is tailored to the busy days of corporate learners. Focus on one subject with bite sized information in order to make your microlearning program effective.

Make It Available On Multiple Platforms

Corporate learners often access corporate training programs on their mobile devices. It is more convenient for them, especially when they are reformatting computer for work. That is why you need to make your micro learning courses multiplatform capable. Use a responsive design tool in order to create one master layout that you can adjust based on the device being used for access. Mobile micro learning courses offer better learner engagement and participation. Make sure your micro e-learning solutions are cross compatible with all different platforms.

Use Great Visuals

Any worthwhile microlearning training program will make great use of visuals. Visual help to simplify complicated ideas and grab the learner’s attention. This is crucial for e-learning, in particular. If you want to develop a micro learning software solution that helps to engage the learner, you absolute have to include visuals in each and every mico lesson.

Use Real, Specific Examples

E-learning courses are not effective if they do not use real word examples to teach lessons. E-learners learn best when the relate to the content. Real, specific case samples achieve retention quicker, which is a must for micro learning. Make use of real-word case studies to teach complicated topics in a brief, quick manner.

Include Demos

Demonstrations can also help engage professional learners. They also help improve learner comprehension. These demos allow the students to test out their skills on their owns with quizzes, games and more. Just like demos and images improve website stickiness, they also improve the stickiness of your lesson. Make sure to use demos to get a gauge of student knowledge retention when developing micro learning training solutions.

If you are a developer, you may not have the most in-depth knowledge of corporate training best practices. That is why you should follow the micro learning development tips above. These strategies will help you to develop the most effective corporate micro training courses on the market. That is sure to gain you more clients, which is never a bad thing for a developer. Keep these micro learning strategies in mind throughout the development process. You will be glad you did.

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