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Mobile Application Development Industry Segments Fueling Growing Demand

There are several modern mobile application development industry segments fueling growing demand. In the year 2019, the global industry for application services exceeded $25 Billion. Increasingly, software development companies are investing in integrated software technologies to produce high-quality mobile and web applications. As a result, companies are turning to advanced processes to improve accuracy and predict failures before they occur. Bolstered by this demand for advanced technologies, the overarching mobile application market is positively growing. In this post, you’ll learn about mobile application development industry segments fueling growing demand.


Blockchain is one industry segment fueling mobile application development growth. Blockchain contains unique features that make it an effective mobile application technology to combat security weaknesses and data leakage. For example, it utilizes a decentralized system, keyless security infrastructure, and a distributed digital database. In the financial industry, blockchain application usage is growing to innovate cryptographic code storage techniques. Many mobile application development teams have utilized the power of Blockchain to configure highly secure, functional financial apps. Commonly, Blockchain technology is used for banking, financial, investing, budgeting, or savings applications. Here, end-users can take full advantage of secure, decentralized systems. Employing specialized algorithms, blockchain generates highly secure codes to protect transaction data from hackers. A change to a single hash code alters the entire chain. This makes recalculating the code require a large amount of computational power, optimizing protection for app data. For these reasons, blockchain is in growing demand across mobile application development industry sectors.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, or AI technology, is another mobile application development solution that is fueling growing demand across the industry. AI is becoming an integral part of smartphone application development. According to a 2019 study, the number of software development companies implementing AI has grown by over 200% over the past four years. Access to high-quality adaptable learning structures has been fueling AI’s growing adoption rate. In addition, artificial intelligence allows software development teams to store large quantities of data at a reduced cost and higher efficiency rating compared to larger infrastructure advancements. Notably, the AI industry includes speech recognition, automated analysis, and machine learning to optimize application delivery. Artificial intelligence is an increasingly growing application development enhancing the software industry.

Container Registry

In addition, container registries are also driving demand in mobile application development. An advanced container registry by JFrog supports all of your Docker containers and Helm Chart repositories for Kubernetes deployments. In addition, containerization techniques are a reliable and efficient solution for companies to manage their critical applications. You can use advanced containers as a single access point to control your remote Docker images. Containers further support the mobile application development process with on-premise, fully hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Container registries are another technological sector driving growth in the app development industry.

IoT Software

There is an increasing demand in the Internet of Things (IoT) mobile application development sector. IoT applications allow you to track device and sensor readings, analyze data, and manage devices. Many application development teams believe IoT to be a major technological factor for traffic sensors, self driving cars, or railway lines. Leveraging the power of IoT, app engineers can configure capable, high performance, available applications using an abundance of technological features and resources. IoT allows you to harness the power of connectivity, automation, machine learning, and ‘smart’ devices. These systems additionally power a number of advanced IoT controller devices. When properly integrated into your application development pipeline, IoT programs can have numerous benefits on your development pipeline. IoT software is fueling immense demand in the mobile application development industry.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is a large industry segment that is fueling growth in the industry for mobile application development. Current mobile apps utilize AR features to for a broad range of activities. Leveraging the capabilities of AR, the possibilities are endless for mobile application developers like yourself. The beauty industry has also been implementing AR into its application technology to show different hair and makeup styles for users. Social media applications now have interactive AR filters for mobile photo posting as well. Additionally, GPS mapping software has also integrated augmented reality for users to see directions in real-world spaces in real time. By harnessing the power of AR, you can develop highly advanced, interactive, and engaging applications for your end users. When properly integrated, augmented reality for business is one of the most widely used technologies for mobile app development. Augmented reality is another industry segment propelling mobile application development.

There are several mobile application development industry segments fueling growing demand. For example, blockchain is enhancing code storage mechanisms for online transactions. Artificial intelligence is also growing the demand for mobile applications by meeting software companies’ needs for efficient automated processes. In addition, container registries are propelling growth with optimized Docker image management. IoT software is fueling technological devices in consumer demand, allowing businesses to create a number of robotics kits and highly functional devices. Furthermore, augmented reality is advancing growth across industry sectors in the software development field. Consider the points above to learn about mobile application development industry segments fueling growing demand.

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