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Mobile Application Development Tools Fueling Potential Market Growth 2020

There are several sophisticated mobile application development tools fueling potential market growth in 2020. In the past, companies relied on a singular type of device to fuel their application development. In today’s market, enterprise teams are developing software technology for a broad array of devices, such as smart phones, tablets, and wearables. These new market platforms put pressure on software engineers to streamline the application development process for Android phones and iOS devices. To increase efficiency and productivity, more businesses have been turning to cross-platform mobile app development tools. Read on to learn more about mobile application development tools fueling potential market growth 2020.


Chatbots are projected to significantly grow in the mobile application development market in 2020. Chatbots are frequently referred to as virtual assistants. Increasingly, there is an in-demand need to have real-time interaction between service providers and consumers. With chatbots, application abandonment rates are anticipated to decrease due to this interactional component of applications. Businesses are expected to compete with one another to optimize their chatbots to provide the most reliable service possible. Chatbots are just one software technology potentially growing the mobile application development market in 2020.

Cross-Platform Development Tools

Cross-platform tools are another application development trend on the rise. Previously, when enterprise teams developed software, they typically had to start by selecting a single platform. Often, this meant choosing between Android and iOS. After building one application for their chosen platform, software engineers could then generate another version for a different platform. This meant they had to allocate resources to transport code across their operating systems. Fortunately, cross-platform tools are now available to streamline this process. Mobile app teams can create programs that work for various mobile platforms. Moreover, this new technology utilizes native user interfaces and APIs, optimizing performance. Cross-platform development tools are a digital solution causing mobile application development demand to skyrocket.


5G is also driving mobile application development in 2020’s market. The fifth-generation cellular wireless network has been a game-changer for mobile developers. With their advanced capabilities 5G modems are revolutionizing mobile networks. 5G mobile networks mainly provides software engineers with improved loading speeds, maximized delivery efficiency, and increased productivity. As a result of its development, business owners can integrate artificial intelligence (AI) technologies seamlessly into mobile applications. Currently, 4G has not been able to supply enterprise teams with this opportunity. As a result, 5G is potentially expanding the market for mobile application development.

Advanced Container Registries

Advanced container registries have also fueled market growth for application development. Containerization techniques provide software development teams with a single access point to manage Docker images. Additionally, a container registry also supports Helm Chart repositories for your Kubernetes deployments. With proven efficiency, advanced container registries are also widely scalable to integrate into your build ecosystem. Moreover, container registries are artifactory-powered, providing DevOps teams with full access and permission control. Containers support current and future business models with their on-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Advanced container registry technologies are driving demand in the modern application development market.

Flexible Programming Languages

Another tool fueling growth on the mobile app market is highly flexible, sophisticated programing languages. Advanced programming languages allow software engineers to implement complex features on mobile applications, such as content updates, graphics, and videos. With advanced coding languages, development teams can improve mobile app functionality, capabilities, and performance levels. At the same time, you can use flexible programming languages to strengthen your degree of application control. These advanced, highly capable languages are essential to learn for iOS or Android game development. Flexible coding languages are another essential mobile app tool that is expanding the modern tech market.

There are several advanced mobile application development tools fueling growing demand in 2020. When properly planned and integrated, these techologies have been used to configure a number of financial, productivity, performance, and geolocation software applications. For instance, chatbots are providing real-time interactive opportunities between service entities and consumers. Additionally, cross-platform development tools are streamlining the software delivery process for engineers. Advanced container registries optimize Docker image storage reliably and consistently. Moreover, JavaScript is expected to become a nearly universal coding language for application programs. 5G is another tool that is maximizing efficiency and AI integrating on the software market. Consider the points mentioned above to learn about mobile application development tools fueling potential market growth 2020.

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