Saturday , 26 September 2020

5 New Satellite Internet Features Offering Faster Speeds

Satellite internet companies are creating a new internet infrastructure with advanced satellite technology. Satellite internet is internet access provided from communications satellites. The new satellite internet improves upon the old system in virtually every way. Such improvements could potentially drive free online traffic to websites more efficiently while also allowing tech users to access sites more easily. As a technological enthusiast, you may be wondering what to expect from this technology. In this article, we will discuss features of new satellite internet.

Lower Latency

Lower latency will be a breakthrough feature of new satellite internet. Latency is the time delay in communications when sending information from one point to another. The old satellite internet suffers from high latency, leading to long loading time for internet browsing. For perspective, in the time it takes for a satellite to relay information to London, a wired connection in New York can send that same information 9 times over. The new satellite internet addresses this issue with better transmission technology and lower orbital satellites. Specifically, new satellites will transmit information through both Ka and Ku radio frequencies. This new technology means that you can expect fewer delays and faster speeds. Low latency will be the most prominent feature of new satellite internet.

Fast Speeds

The new satellite internet will feature fast speeds. Similar to the efficiency of cloud tech applications, this feature is revolutionizing in the technology world. Due to the aforementioned latency issue, satellite internet options currently have subpar to mediocre internet speed. The fastest available option is only 100 mbps, while the slowest is an abysmal 12 mbps. However, new satellite internet will offer blazing fast speeds up to 1 tbps. This is a previously unheard of internet speed, even faster than what most wired connections offer. This speed buff will also offer better in flight connectivity to commercial airlines and government aircraft. The new satellite internet will give you speeds faster than you’ve ever experienced.

Greater Coverage

The new satellite internet will feature greater coverage. Currently, there are only a handful of internet satellites in orbit. This means that coverage is limited, and there may not be a company in your area to purchase satellite internet coverage from. How to get internet access in rural areas is a crucial question for many businesses and individuals. However, companies are seeking to fix this issue by launching thousands of satellites in the next 10 years. With the greater number of satellites in space, you will be able to receive internet service anywhere on earth. Companies plan to use the greater coverage of new satellite internet to offer service in countries with poor internet availability. Greater coverage will be a standard feature of new satellite internet.

Increased Reliability

Increased reliability is an upcoming feature of new satellite internet. Traditionally, satellite internet has faced consistency issues. Your ability to access the internet was hampered by factors such as weather, and satellite maintenance. These issues could lead to internet outages. Newer satellites solve these issues with solar powered batteries and use of the dual radio frequency system. These technological improvements mean that companies will have to spend less time maintaining their satellites. You will also have less outages during severe weather such as thunderstorms or snowfall. The new satellite internet will feature increased reliability for users worldwide.

Easy Installation

Easy installation will be one of the most popular features of new satellite internet. One of the downsides to high speed wired connection is the difficulty of infrastructure installation. Many companies aren’t willing to upgrade old infrastructure, so many users suffer from subpar internet. With the new satellite internet, setting up the infrastructure is a one and done process. You will no longer have to wait for internet service providers to upgrade their structure for better internet options. You will have a plethora of fast internet choices, from multiple companies. This allows users to sidestep the issue of finding a service provider with infrastructure in their area. Users can contact a company and have their satellite internet service set up quickly. Easy installation will make new satellite internet very popular.

The new satellite internet is set to change the internet industry entirely. You can expect more consistency with low latency, faster speeds, and greater coverage. Additionally, you’ll have more convenience with increased reliability and easy installation. These are the amazing features you’ll receive with new satellite internet.

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