Monday , 22 May 2017

Open Source Database Software

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            Open source software provides a great opportunity for programmers to use and modify an existing software to make it their own. But more importantly, this is software that is free to use and the users owe no royalties to the creators of the software. Whether you know it or not, you have probably used some open source database software at one time or another. This is especially true for those that run their own websites and have PHP scripting implemented into their website. Do you ever wonder how your website stores and retrieves information from the online forms people fill out? This is where the “MySQL” comes into play. Many of you are probably familiar with having to setup an SQL database in your webhosting account. Anytime you set up a scripted website that performs action and manipulates data then it will need to go through a piece of web database software, like MySQL.

The great thing about SQL database software is that it is open source. If it were not open source, then that would mean every webmaster that uses an SQL database would have to pay the original programmers of the software royalties for using it. The fact that it is an open source means that it is open for anyone to use and manipulate on their own for free. That is why you see MySQL as a tool that comes with most webhosting accounts. There are other variations of the open source SQL database software, like PostgreSQL and SQLite. This database software, along with MySQL, all come from the same open source database software. They have just been altered by new programmers to function in a different way.  If you are a programmer and you want to have your own branded database software, then you can download the open source SQL and alter that into your own vision as well.

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