Thursday , 30 March 2017

CRM Marketing Automation Integration Benefits For Visibility, Scalability

The term marketing automation integration refers to the process of incorporating a CRM, or customer relations management, solution into your existing marketing automation software. If you are an IT professional responsible for marketing automation software, you are probably curious as to what the benefits of CRM integration are. There are countless benefits to CRM marketing automation integration. Keep reading below ... Read More »

5 Ways The Industrial Chemicals Industry Uses Technological Innovation

Industrial chemicals are chemicals that are developed or manufactured for the use in industrial operations or research by businesses, governments and organizations. Chemical producers were among the first to use digital technology extensively for their production process. If you are involved in the technology industry, you may be interested to hear about how the industrial chemical industry may be utilizing ... Read More »

Photocopier Machine Types For Modern Day Business Functions

  For anyone who works in an office, the photocopier machine is a source of some help, but​ mostly frustration. However, if you are a bit of a tech enthusiast or gadget geek, you may want to learn some more about these elusive devices just as you did regarding the office’s wireless printer. Many people are unaware of the fact ... Read More »

Exciting Digital Media Buying Advantages Over Traditional Advertising

Traditional media buying practices have fallen by the wayside with the rise of digital media buying. However, because digital media buying is a relatively new field, there are many questions about it’s outcomes and advantages. If you are a business owner considering which form of advertising to purchase, you should understand the potential benefits that come with internet marketing. Keep ... Read More »

Top A/B Testing Tools Software To Improve Webpage Conversion Rates

A/B testing tools, also called split testing or bucket testing tools, are used in comparing two webpage or app versions against one another. This process helps marketing professionals figure out which app or webpage performs best. If you need to use AB testing software in order to improve conversion rates, keep reading below to learn about the top AB testing ... Read More »

Modern Human Cloning Developments Since Dolly The Sheep

If you are over the age of 18, you surely remember the explosive obsession with the concept of human cloning back in the day. The obsession with cloning began with the news of Dolly the sheep, the first ever animal to be cloned using a process called somatic cell nuclear transfer, or SCNT. However, that turned out to not be ... Read More »

Four Easy Ways To Improve Your SME With Technology Software

No matter whether you’ve just started as an entrepreneur, or you’re an established technology SME you should always be looking for ways and means to improve. Resting on your current servers and going through the motions in the digital world can see your company eventually being left behind by the competition; so you should act now to make your innovative ... Read More »

How The Auto Parts Industry Is Being Reinvented By Technology

Automobiles have changed a lot since they were first invented. From the horse-and-buggy to the Tesla, transportation has advanced significantly with the rise of technology. Today, more and more developments are being made, especially in the auto parts industry. While the design of your car may remain the same, the inner workings are changing in a big way. To learn ... Read More »

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