Friday , 23 June 2017

The Bitcoin Sectors Benefiting Most From New Blockchain Technology

In addition to revolutionizing the technology industry, Bitcoin has definitely shaken up the financial services and banking industries quite a lot too. The introduction of a deregulated and decentralized currency that is solely backed up by its users has been seen as a hope by the regular consumers and as a major thread by the world’s banking systems. Not only ... Read More »

New Must-Have Macbook Accessories For Every Gadget Geek

Finding the perfect gift is difficult when you do not even know what to get the person. However, there are plenty of ways in which you can mix personal with practical to give someone the best holiday present ever. If you already have enough Mac accessories for your desktop, Macbook accessories of all shapes, sizes and price ranges could be ... Read More »

Digital Asset Management Software Business System Improves Security

Digital Asset Management software is a business system that assists with the storage, organization and retrieval of rich media. Rich media is a term for the assets of an advertising or marketing company, including photos, videos, music, animations and other multimedia content. Digital Asset Management  (DAM) software can help businesses to keep track of these files, but it can also ... Read More »

Why Google DayDream View Is Taking The Virtual Reality World By Storm

Google Daydream is an anxiously anticipated virtual reality headset that is set to release within the coming weeks. It is taking the gaming world by storm, just like the Airwheel took the transportation industry by surprise. This device follows the release of Samsung Gear VR, which features a similar design. However, many are excited to see how the Google Daydream ... Read More »

Dead Rising 3 Features May Be Improved With New Dead Rising 4 Leaks

Dead Rising 3 is a popular survival video game that deals with a massive zombie outbreak. To survive, your character must traverse the vast, open world environment in search of food, weapons and other survivors. The game was released in 2013, making significant improvements upon the world of its predecessors, Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2. Now, Dead Rising returns ... Read More »

Free Alternative Yesware Chrome Extensions For Personal Email Tracking

Yesware Chrome is an email tracking extension developed by Google. This extension, which costs between $12 and $55 per user per month, is designed to help sales teams and businesses track their email engagement. It provides analytics, centralized billing and team template sharing and reporting. However at its core, Yesware provides a coveted service for businesses and individuals alike: email ... Read More »

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