Friday , 15 December 2017

Top A/B Testing Tools Software To Improve Webpage Conversion Rates

A/B testing tools, also called split testing or bucket testing tools, are used in comparing two webpage or app versions against one another. This process helps marketing professionals figure out which app or webpage performs best. If you need to use AB testing software in order to improve conversion rates, keep reading below to learn about the top AB testing ... Read More »

Explosive Human Cloning Developments Since Dolly The Sheep

If you are over the age of 18, you surely remember the explosive obsession with the concept of human cloning back in the day. The obsession with cloning began with the news of Dolly the sheep, the first ever animal to be cloned using a process called somatic cell nuclear transfer, or SCNT. However, that turned out to not be ... Read More »

Four Easy Ways To Improve Your SME With Technology Software

No matter whether you’ve just started as an entrepreneur, or you’re an established technology SME you should always be looking for ways and means to improve. Resting on your current servers and going through the motions in the digital world can see your company eventually being left behind by the competition; so you should act now to make your innovative ... Read More »

How The Auto Parts Industry Is Being Reinvented By Technology

Automobiles have changed a lot since they were first invented. From the horse-and-buggy to the Tesla, transportation has advanced significantly with the rise of technology. Today, more and more developments are being made, especially in the auto parts industry. While the design of your car may remain the same, the inner workings are changing in a big way. To learn ... Read More »

Amazon Sellers Scams Prevention Tips For Cautious Online Shoppers

Amazon sellers are quickly becoming one of the most successful groups of entrepreneurs to date. However, there are also far too many fraudulent Amazon sellers running amok that can scam internet users and online shoppers out of their hard-earned money. If you are an online shopper who frequently visits Amazon, you are sure to have seen some questionable sellers or ... Read More »

Simple Hacks To Solve Bad Mobile Reception

These days, our mobile phones are the fastest and most accessible way to communicate with each other. This now ranges from personal messages such as family and friends to business purposes such as closing deals or updating team members. Whether your main form of contact is SMS, phone calls or chats (relying on data center connection), you need good cell ... Read More »

Most Expensive Watches Ever Sold Have Surprisingly High-Tech Features

Everyone is consumer these days. Perhaps that is why there is such a market for expensive watches. With all the high-tech watches available today, many people are quick to forget that some of the most expensive watches are not digital, like the Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Gear. However, these high-priced luxury watches still have some very impressive features ... Read More »

Revolutionary Smart Contacts Technology Corrects More Than Eyesight

Smart contact lenses are becoming a hot topic of future technology. Consumers are already forgetting about Google and Snapchat smart glasses in favor of these multipurpose devices. In a few years, contact lenses will do much more than correct your eyesight. If you are a consumer interested in learning more about what exciting features these lenses have in store, keep ... Read More »

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